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Alien Files: Unsealed

In 2011, a vault of government files were released to the public by the Freedom of Information Act. Among these, the Blue Planet Project, containing thousands of reports on UFO sightings and alien activity...these were the files they didn't want you to see!

Now Alien Files: Unsealed investigates these recently-released documents and re-examines key evidence and follows developing leads of mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups and breaking alien news from around the world. The show also delves into the "photoshopping" of space, the value of Wikileaks, and the role social media plays in alien stories.


Finally, the newly released documents are analysed to see how alien visitations may have affected our past, and what influence they may have on our future. Exposing the biggest secret on planet Earth, Alien Files: Unsealed will have believers wanting more and skeptics questioning their long-held beliefs!.

While searching for something interesting to watch, I stumbled across a program called Unsealed: Alien Files and my only comment is, "Seriously?"

This is one of the reasons that we have trouble getting science and journalism to take UFO reports seriously. It is one of the reasons that so many people have so little time for UFOs or who believe those seeing UFOs are deluded. This program, in the guise of a documentary, was filled with every half-baked idea, every conspiracy theory associated with UFOs, and every lousy piece of evidence available. It was horrendous.

What surprised me was that some very respectable people... Nick Pope and John Greenwald to name but two... were on it. In fact, the program that featured Pope and the UK's investigation of UFOs made some sense and provided some interesting evidence. It was clear from that program that a serious UFO investigation had been conducted by England's Ministry of Defence and that UFO information had been hidden in classified files by the authorities there.

But in another episode (they showed four in a row but luckily I was only exposed to two and a half) explained how Dwight Eisenhower, while president, had met with alien creatures*. It suggested that most of the alien races were up to no good but that one seemed to be aiding the human race. We were told that the Reptoids have a shape-shifting capability which means they can appear to be human, and that the greys have a treaty with the US to allow for animal mutilations and human abduction... Oh, and I don't want to forget the big gunfight in the hidden base at Dulce, New Mexico in which dozens of US service members were killed.

All this told as if it were proven fact. They even had some in the form of a newspaper article about an underground complex found in the middle of Los Angeles. We know it was a newspaper article because it said, right on the screen, "actual newspaper article." Of course it didn't provide a date for the article or the newspaper, but we saw it anyway with no way to check.

We learned that UFO researchers believe this or that, but the UFO researchers are never identified. We learn, for example, that if what researchers believe about human history is true, then there is evidence for this alien infestation. Of course, we're not sure exactly who those UFO researchers are or what those things about human history are and we know that if the first part of the statement is false, then so is the conclusion based on it.

There really isn't much to say about this series. It is based on paranoia, the lies of some people who claim intimate knowledge of these clandestine events, and every rumor that has ever been spread inside the UFO community. This is the sort of thing that I have fought for a long time. People claiming military records and credentials who don't have them, stories that can be checked through documentation such as the Foo Fighter incident centered around the USS New York that don't check out, and the other nonsense that circulates through the Internet. If we are ever going to learn the truth here, we must clear away the nonsense around us. Unsealed: Alien Files just piles it deeper and deeper and makes the job harder and harder. We really don't need this.

*To support this Eisenhower visit they used a picture taken by Ella Louise Fortune near Holloman Air Force Base in October 1957. They claimed that Eisenhower met the aliens there for the second time in October 1957 but those paying close attention realized that the UFO expert talking about this event was talking about something that took place in 1964, or long after Eisenhower left office. Clearly the documentary producers were attempting to link the Fortune picture with the Holloman UFO landing, but the dates simply don't track for those of us who have been around longer than ten minutes. This just gives an additional insight into the quality of the program... Oh, and I believe the Fortune picture is actually of a lenticular cloud...but that is a discussion for another time.

(Note: I hesitate to mention this, but Unsealed: Alien Files can be found on the Destination America channel on Thursday nights. I thought some might like to see how bad a UFO documentary can be but tune in sparingly because we don't want to encourage them.)

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UFO Hunters Review - an Embarrassment to UFOlogy

By Ryan Sprague

Lieutenant Parviz Jafari
     In 2013, I sent my first FOIA request for any information and documents pertaining to to the 1976 Tehran UFO incident. This event remains one of the most well-documented and fascinating UFO encounters ever reported by military pilots and witnesses. After receiving a response to my request, I wrote the following article to give everyone an idea of just exactly what I was able to pull from the documents I received, and testimony from several witnesses, including Major Parviz Jafari of the Iranian Air Force. I hope this will give you some insight into this deeply dramatic event.
It was approximately 12:30 am on September 19th, 1976, when the Imperial Iranian Air Force received a phone call at their main command post in the city of Tehran. A civilian from the city district of Sheridan reported seeing a large, bright light emanating in the night sky. The call made several connections and landed in the ear of General Yousefi, Assistant Deputy Commander of operations. His first reaction was to phone the Mehrabad International Airport to see if they had anything flying in that vicinity. They reported that they had nothing in the skies whatsoever. Yousefi then assumed that perhaps the civilian was seeing a bright star or even the planet, Venus, which was quite visible at that time of year. But when Yousefi went out to investigate the object himself, he had no trouble seeing it, and concluded that it was much too large and close to be a star or planet. This is when he made the decision to send a fighter jet into the air to intercept and investigate further.

Approximately 175 miles west of Tehran, an F-4 Phantom Fighter jet was deployed from Shahrokhi Air Force Base. Piloted by Captain Mohammad Reza Azizkhani, the jet made it's way towards the object. Azizkhani reported that the object was of such brilliance that it could be seen from almost 70 miles away. Whatever it was, it was very, very large. At about 25 nautical miles from the object, Azizkhani's instruments began to malfunction. Communication capabilities were also dropped. At this point, the confused and scared pilot had no choice but to abort the interception, heading back to base. As he distanced himself from the object, his instruments began to function once again, but he didn't want to take any chances. He headed back to base to explain what had happened to his superiors.
Lieutenant Parviz Jafari with Plane
In response to Azizkhani's experience, a second F-4 jet was scrambled to see if it was merely the original plane that somehow malfunctioned, rather than having anything to do with the unknown object. Piloted by Lieutenant Parviz Jafari, he headed toward the object and was able to acquire a radar lock on it. Jafari would later report that the object's radar signature was massive, comparable to that of a Boeing 707 aircraft. As he closed in on the object, it began to move. Clearly, it was aware of the interception occurring. Jafari tried to estimate the size of the object, but just like Azizkhani's observation earlier, it was just too bright to make a fair estimate. Jafari, however, was able to make out different colored lights alternating in blinking succession. Blues, red, and orange were rapidly flashing all at once. Jafari continued south, tailing the object. That is when things got interesting.

Suddenly, a smaller object detached from the original, and began a quick advance towards Jafari's F-4. Defense-mode kicked in as he believed this was an attack. Jafari attempted to launch an AIM-9 sidewinder missile at the object, but just like before, his instruments malfunctioned. All weapon and communication capabilities were lost. Jafari would later state that he even tried to eject from the aircraft at this point, but even that had malfunctioned. He quickly turned the F-4 and made a negative G dive. The smaller object dropped behind him and followed him for a moment, making it clear that it was now in control. Jafari nervously tried to outmaneuver the object to no avail. After a few nautical miles of cat and mouse, the smaller object would eventually break off and reunite with the larger object.

Jafari, having absolutely no idea what he was dealing with, retreated to assess the situation. The further he distanced himself from the object, his instruments and communications returned. He would relay that another object was soon detaching from the original. It made a rapid descent towards the ground. Jafari believed that at that speed, whatever it was would explode upon impact, but stated that whatever it was, it gently landed on a bed of rocks as Jafari severely decreased his altitude to personally witness this. Whatever it was, it landed near Rey Oil Refinery just on the outskirts of Iran, in the city of Mehrabad. Civilian airliners in the area also reported instrument failure in the same area where the object had landed.
Tehran UFO Event - 1976 (Artist Rendering)
Artist rendering of the event. (Artist unknown)

Jafari, making one last attempt to investigate this extremely terrifying and extraordinary encounter, witnessed one more object, cylindrical in shape, buzzing in the area. Mehrabad International Airport was notified, and responded saying that they had no aircraft in flight at the time. However, flight tower personnel were able to corroborate Jafari's sighting of this last object, stating that it even overflow the towers, all of their electrical equipment going down for a short period of time. Soon, this object made way back to the primary object, a large flash of light occurred, and it disappeared out of sight.

The following morning, the F-4 pilots went out, by helicopter, to gather any evidence of the smaller landed object. They determined that it has landed near a dry lake bed, but when they circled the area to survey, no visible evidence could be found. They did, however, receive a high amount of beeps from their helicopter meters, beeping most loudly as they approached a nearby house. They landed the helicopter and decided to question the residents to see if they had seen or experienced anything at the time of the incident. They didn't have much to say, but did admit that a loud noise had occurred and bright light filled the area like a large burst of lightning. This would ultimately be the end of the investigation for Jafari and the other pilots, as they were specifically told to move on as if it had never occurred.
Jafari & Co at National Press Club in Washington D.C.

This didn't stop them from going public, however, and in 2007, Jafari would stand before the National Press Club in Washington D.C., to recount his extremely detailed and unbelievable story before other very high ranked officials and military personnel. The Tehran incident garnered a lot of buzz both in the Middle East and clearly in the United States as well. Soon after the incident, a detailed four page report was recorded by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and was distributed to no less than the White House, NSA, and CIA. Whatever happened in the skies that day in Tehran was a dogfight of perhaps interplanetary proportions. It was one of few cases that stretched national borders, and remains one of the most well documented and perhaps, most dangerous threats to the security of our skies.
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UFO Casebook headgraphic

By Robert Hastings

     Christopher Cabrera recently told me, “I was a Security Forces member in the United States Air Force from 1998 to 2002. Beginning in October 1998, I was stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, where I witnessed two separate, strange and unexplainable incidents while on duty.” He continued:
At the time I arrived in [Las] Vegas, Nellis’ ‘Area 2’ served as one of two main Air Force nuclear weapons depots in the United States and ranked 4th in the world, in terms of the number of stored nuclear warheads. The 896th Munitions Squadron, a unit of the USAF Materiel Command, oversaw them in conjunction with the Air Combat Command.

Along the perimeter of Area 2 were numbered markers which were assigned to security teams known as ‘Whiskey’ posts/patrols. As a perimeter security team/patrol we were tasked to cover approximately 20 markers per team. Most teams/patrols were composed of two members who drove pickup trucks while other teams/patrols had up to four members and drove Humvees.

The first incident I witnessed occurred in late 1998, while working with a partner on the Southwest perimeter patrol. I worked the 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. shift. It was winter and by 5:45 p.m. it was completely dark.

Approximately 15 minutes before leaving my shift for the day, my patrol met up with the Northeast patrol at one of the markers to chat, before being relieved of our duties. Our trucks were parked facing southeast, when all four of us noticed three extremely bright lights blinking sequentially in a vertical, triangular formation. The event lasted about 10 seconds and the lights were so bright that it felt like it was daytime again.

The first light to shine was at the apex of the formation, then the second light, which was at the bottom left of the formation, and then the third light, at the bottom right. They did this pattern at least twice, fading in-and-out rather than just blinking on-and-off. The color was a light amber color when fully lit and a dark amber color right before it disappeared.

The bottom two lights were about 100 feet off the ground; all four of us had to look up slightly to see them. They seemed to be about a quarter-mile from us, or maybe a little closer. They didn’t seem like separate objects but lights affixed to one solid object. No clear outline could be seen but this thing blocked out the stars behind it. There was no sound at all; it was eerily quiet.

Once the light display was over, we all were asking one another if we really had seen what we saw and, most importantly, what was it? Next, we immediately notified our Control Center of the incident, as it was our duty to do so.

Even though it was our shift-change, Control put a halt to any patrol movements inside the Area and sent an outer perimeter team, called an Oscar patrol, to investigate. Another patrol with a senior member decided to assist the Oscar patrol in the investigation. The process took about 30 minutes and then the shift-change was allowed to proceed. I, along with my partner and the other patrol who witnessed the incident, were called into our Flight Chief’s office to discuss what had happened.
When we entered the lobby outside of his office, were told to fill out an incident form. We were then asked general questions by our Flight Chief and then separately pulled into the his office and asked to tell our story in detail. During my conversation with him, I never got the impression that he didn’t believe me.

Right before he allowed us to head home for the night, he strictly instructed us that the incident never happened said that we were never to talk amongst ourselves or to anyone else about the incident. We were threatened with dishonorable discharge, among other things, which was very confusing and angered me.

The next day, as part of our morning meeting, the Flight Chief addressed the whole staff, saying that there was no incident the night before and that no one should talk about it or they would face stiff penalties. As instructed, my co-workers and I never talked about it.

I never found out what happened to our incident reports and never found out if it was further investigated. I continued to work in the Area as a sentry for another five months until I was promoted to working at the Armory, within Area 2, for three more years. Although I didn’t experience any other incidents during the rest of my time at Area 2, others did report strange lights, disembodied voices, shadow-like humanoids and strange claw marks on certain surfaces.
At this point, I told Cabrera that I had heard about sightings of “shadow people” at Area 2 from another former Security Policeman (SP) who had worked there from 2002 to 2008. This individual gave me a detailed written statement and allowed me to record a telephone interview with him in 2010. I found him to be credible, cautious in his assessments, but nevertheless unequivocal in his remarks to me. In one email he wrote, “My experiences involved:
● Unexplained lights in the sky to include lights that hover, move in irregular patterns, appear for entire nights and disappear the next, and a unique incident involving a small light at very close proximity that caused a chase by security personnel

● Inexplicable penetration alarms with odd phenomena at the scene to include metallic taste in the air, humanoid sightings, extreme temperature differences and loss of radio communications

● Sudden commercial power failures and failure of back-up generators

● Sightings of humanoids, shadowy figures, foot chases, and a weapons-free incident

● Animal mutilations

● Harassment of security personnel [by superiors who mandated strict secrecy]
Although he had provided me with his DD-214 service record, and told me that I could publish his statements, this individual later became concerned about possible official repercussions relating to his disclosures and ceased communications with me. Consequently, I will not identify him here.

In any case, this former SP told me that one night in 2004, he had had a humanoid sighting himself, of a silhouette-like, 8- or 9-foot-tall figure that outran three teams of SPs who were sent to investigate a mysterious light seen in a distant corner of the weapons storage compound.

Upon arriving at the location in vehicles, no light could be found. However, seconds later, one SP spotted the towering figure, visible against the moon-lit sky, which quickly turned and ran. After disappearing over a rise in the terrain, with six Security Policemen in hot pursuit, the unknown intruder seemingly vanished into thin air.

Upon relating this testimony to Cabrera, he seemed relieved that someone else had reported such an encounter, telling me that he was concerned that I would think him a liar or mentally unbalanced.

He then mentioned a former colleague, who had arrived at Area 2 just before the end of his tour of duty there, had also reported incidents involving the so-called shadow people. I later spoke with this person by telephone, who described his sightings—two, in daylight—but he ultimately decided not elaborate in writing or on audiotape. Regardless, I consider his comments to me to be credible and it was clear that he had been deeply affected by the encounters.

One might be tempted to dismiss these humanoid sightings as ridiculous “ghost stories” told by young, bored military guards to pass the time. However, given their Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) status—whereby a Security Policeman could be immediately reassigned away from guarding nuclear weapons if his mental stability were in question—these guys had absolutely no reason to go around spreading UFO and humanoid sighting stories. Nevertheless, they did, sometimes informing their superiors, whereupon they were told never to discuss the incidents again, rather than being reassigned.

In any case, Cabrera then continued with his narrative:
I was supposed to be discharged in late July 2002 but was held at Nellis for two more months. During this time, I did go on base Police patrols, worked on the flight line and at the various entry control points. Every now and then, we were tasked and sent to work at certain off-site stations and other bases.

One of the places we were sent to was called Indian Springs, now known as Creech Air Force Base. We were there to fill-in at the entry control points at the front gate and another entrance. Indian Springs was located approximately 30 miles from Nellis, but it took over an hour to get there while traversing the barren desert landscape.

I found out during my time at Main Base, that Indian Springs was primarily a practice spot for the Air Force Thunderbirds. There was also a rumor that it was also the testing ground for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drone fighters. There were rumblings as well, of UFOs and humanoid beings that were spotted there.

I had worked Indian Springs a handful of times and always found it to be very unusual. There were never many people there and the activity was extremely low. It was like a ghost town sometimes. I never stayed late when working there so I never experienced what the nightlife was like.

One morning in late September 2002, I was told that I was to go there and fill-in at their entry control point for one shift, which was to begin at 7 a.m. and end at around 5 p.m. I was to be partnered with another individual but when I arrived, there was no partner so I proceeded to work my schedule as planned, but on my own.

At 5 p.m. I was eagerly anticipating the end of my shift but no one showed up to relieve me. I called Nellis to get an update and was told that there was a slight delay and that I would be picked up soon. About 45 minutes later, I decided to step out of the ECP—entry control point—and get some air. It was dark by this time and the environment seemed different to me; almost foreign.
I looked at the night sky. It was a cold, crisp night with tons of stars. For some reason, I felt compelled to look behind me towards the base. When I did, an amber/red orb caught my eye as it hovered motionless over Indian Springs. I stared at it for about two minutes when, suddenly, a red beam shot out from the orb and hit the side of the nearest mountain. The beam lasted about one minute and I noticed what looked like molten rock dripping from the mountain. The beam abruptly ceased and the orb just disappeared. A few seconds later, the molten effect on the mountain also dissipated. This incident took me aback and I was really eager to leave the base. Finally, I was relieved of duty, about 20 minutes later, and left Indian Springs for the last time.
Learning what could happen from my 1998 incident, I never told anyone. My fear was that I would be dishonorably discharged and/or be dropped in rank and ridiculed the rest of my time in the Air Force. These two incidents have changed my life profoundly and I stand by what I’ve stated.
Mr. Cabrera is only the latest in a long line of U.S. military veterans to come forward with their accounts of UFO activity at nuclear weapons facilities—I have interviewed more than 150 since 1973—however, only a handful of them have described alleged entity encounters at those sites.

The term “Shadow People” was apparently in wide usage among the security forces posted at Area 2. Based on my admittedly limited investigation of the concept, as it has been discussed by various non-military individuals on the web, there appears to be a significant difference between online accounts and what is being reported by the former SPs I have interviewed.

Shadow People, as discussed at various websites with varying degrees of credibility, are allegedly ephemeral, semi-transparent beings who can only be seen out of the corner of one’s eye. They are usually reported as menacing. Descriptions involving height and other details vary widely.

By contrast, the entities reported at Area 2 can be seen in daylight, as well as at night, and seem to be solid, easily discernable figures who remain visible for extended periods. They appear uniformly dark—no obvious facial features or clothing—and are always described as being 8 to 9-feet-tall and having robust “physical” abilities, such as outrunning Security Police in pursuit. But, as reported above, they can also apparently vanish into nothingness.

I am interested in communicating with other former/retired USAF personnel who have encountered the Shadow People phenomenon. Please contact me at

On another subject, my documentary film,
UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, is almost finished. The trailer may be viewed below.

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