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A "UFO" is an unidentified flying object. Reports of these objects have been reported all over the world and throughout history. Crop Circles, Aliens and Cattle Mutilations have also been linked to UFO's.  At MUFON Canada we investigate these sightings with a professional and scientific approach.   

MUFON's Mission Statement is

"The Scientific Study of UFO's for the Benefit of Humanity".
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Grey Links
Grey Anatomy
Greys from Wikipedia
Grey Aliens


Reptilian Links
Reptilian Agenda
The Occult Reptilian Saga
Reptilian Humanoid
Reptilian Aliens
Alien Lizard/Reptile Stories

Ataien/Praying Mantis Links
Graying Mantis
Human-sized Insectiform Aliens
A Praying mantis Account
Dixieland Encounter

Chupacabra Links
Wikipedia's Chupacabra
Crystalinks' Chupacabra
El Chupacabra Online

Varginha Links
The Varginha Case
The Varginha Extraterrestrial Case
The Varginha Affair
The Lost Haven-The Varginha Diary
Varginha case blows wide open

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