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The Disclosure Project

Alien Existence

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This page offers a hand-edited list of about one hundred (100) blogs which cover UFOs. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list, however many UFO bloggers offer links to other blogs they like (blogroll). You may also want to check the
UFO podcasts and UFO forums and mailing-lists pages.

Blog Tip: If you are unsure where to start, you are welcome to subscribe (free) to the UFO Updates RSS feed I monitor myself. The UFOupdates feed is syndicating posts from about two dozen blogs, covering both UFO news and history. For many topics involving the UFO phenomenon, one has to draw conclusions based on imperfect, incomplete or poorly reported data. I always appreciate hearing from others who have taken the time to reflect on the issues. Disclaimer: the blog posts of this feed don't necessarily reflect my opinion, in fact in the past I have occasionally cringed when reading some of the material posted. You can join via traditional RSS (any reader e.g. GoogleReader, MyYahoo, MSIE7, Firefox etc) or by e-mail via Google Feedburner. In response to popular demand, the same UFOupdates feed is also available at Twitter and Facebook.

Daily news scan about unexplained phenomena (not specializing in UFOs), conspiracies, "alternative history" and the paranormal from a variety of sources.

  • UFO @ Google News - Google News is a computer-generated news site that aggregates headlines from 1000s of news sources worldwide. Note: There is a ton of fluff on the Internet that passes for "UFO news". A cursory search for the term "UFO" on GoogleNews will result in many hits. A lot of the hits are spurious and many are sensational nonsense that appear to be random ideas of a writer masquerading as informed commentary. Maybe one in ten or twenty of the hits are worth looking at more closely, although even with these, most turn out to be a light that someone saw moving through the sky - in other words, very tentative sightings. An irritating trend these days is for some journalists to use the topic of UFOs as filler, when they have nothing else to write about. Invariably, these filler pieces are ill-informed and normally serve only to further spread misconceptions.
  • daily review of world news on unexplained mysteries (no RSS feed)
  •'s goal is "to provide an open forum for heretical, non-mainstream ideas" such as the occult/esoteric, parapsychology, afterlife etc

Blogs posting UFO sightings submitted by the public (typically UFO reports are reproduced as-is, i.e. no verification or investigation):

  • UFO Stalker automatically posts UFO reports submitted via MUFON Case Management System (MUFON CMS), and plots them onto GoogleMaps (note: MUFON is the largest civilian UFO group in North America)
  • National UFO Examiner by Roger Marsh posts selected UFO reports filed via MUFON CMS. Roger also maintains and is Director of Communications for both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and Pennsylvania MUFON
  • by Louis Martin from Roswell NM, posts UFO sighting reports as submitted by the public
  • by Sunny Williams, a retired professional photographer from Breckenridge Texas, USA
  • by Andy Mannion, posts UFO sighting reports as submitted by the public in Britain
  • Birmingham UK UFO Group (BUFOG): bufog, Dave Hodrien
  • Brian Vike posts sightings from Canada.

    (Note: For several years, Brian Vike diligently updated several blogs with the UFO reports he received : CanadamilitarypoliceUSAworldufoshbccuforesearchthevikereportbigfoot-sasquatchthe-v-factor-paranormal. In 2009 Brian retired from the UFO field and in Nov-2009 he sold several of his HBCCufo Websites to BAASS company of Mr Robert T. Bigelow, a hotel and aerospace entrepreneur from Las Vegas NV)

  • Blogs tracking latest UFO news:

Multi-user UFO blogs :

  • media company focused on UFOs. They operate a website, a magazine, a radio show and a television show.
  • by Dirk Vander Ploeg, offers UFO and Paranormal news from around the world
  • UFO Magazine (US) by Bill and Nancy Birnes
  • UFO Mystic features bloggers Greg Bishop, Nick Redfern, Lesley Gunter, Regan Lee, Scott Corrales. The website is owned by Craig Woolheater, who also owns the website where Loren Coleman blogs about "cryptozoology" (searching for Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Loch Ness monster etc)
  • by Javier Ortega, Joe Ruiz, Gary Popella. The blog that goes beyond the title of the website, covering all things paranormal and unexplained.

Blogs by UFO researchers, pundits, enthousiasts (relevance varies, presented in no particular order, needs re-organisation):


Non-english language UFO blogs:


Our Aliens UFOs Research Blogs

Free UFO Videos

Best UFO Alien Videos

Exopolitics UFO Radio

UFO Seek Rense UFO Radio

UFO Radio Aliens UFOs Top Sites

Project MotherShip

UFO News Club

Area51 ... Area 51


Abduction Information Center
AIC was created in order to offer abduction experiencers and the general public a place where they can access the very best and latest information available on the UFO/abduction phenomenon. We encourage comments from physicians and mental health care professionals in regard to any of the material presented at A.I.C.'s UFO site

UFO news, articles and links from

Above 'N' Beyond
You were never important enough to know the truth UNTIL NOW.

Above Top Secret - Uncovering Government Conspiracies

Alien Existence

The Alien Jigsaw
Since 1993, this has been the place to find true accounts of alien abductions, a free e-book, alien abduction stories, information about UFOs, MILABS "military abductions," alien artwork, photographs and related information including the aftereffects of alien abduction.


The Anomaly Archives
Lending library of the Scientific Anomaly Institute. Over 2200 books and growing collections on UFOs, Mind, Parapsychology, Cryptozoology, Parapolitics and much more.

Archives for the Unexplained

Archives for UFO Research was founded in Sweden in 1973… The core of our collections has come, and keep coming, from ‘ufologists’ – people who are specialized in the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). That is why we have built an international reputation (1973-2013) as the Archives for UFO research, under the acronym AFU.
By decision of the AFU board, in April 2013, we took on the new name Archives for the unexplained, but still continue under the old, well known acronym AFU.

Best UFO Resources and Links

Hand-picked collection of UFO resources, TV documentaries, papers, research studies on UFO physics/science, photos, videos, books etc with summaries. Includes photos and descriptions of purported alien UFOnauts."

The Blue Book Archive
The Blue Book Archive provides free online access to the National Archives Blue Book microfilm collection. Moreover, these documents have been rendered searchable so as to increase the utility of this material to researchers.

The British UFO Research Association

Crop Circle Connector

Crowded Skies
Crowded Skies is the website for London UFO Studies.

The Disclosure Project
The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Research Website

FBI Records: Unexplained Phenomena
Direct link to the UFO files at the FBI's Vault website

Filer's Files
Archives also available
here on UFOINFO

Heavens Above
Heavens Above maintains a set of dynamic Web pages which generate visibility predictions for visible satellites and Iridium flares for ANY location on the Earth. The predictions are generated dynamically each time a page is requested, so you can obtain the very latest predictions, using the most recently available orbit data, and customised for your own location and time zone.

Could be useful for checking out any sightings.

Ian Ridpath's UFO Skeptics Pages
The site includes astronomer Ian Ridpath's investigations into the Rendlesham Forest case.

IFO Database
The photographs and video stills of Identified Flying Objects (I.F.O.'s) on this web site are presented as a research tool for comparison to and analysis of past, present and future video and photographic materials containing images similar in appearance and nature.

Kenny Young Archives
The archived version of UFO Research Cincinatti containing the research of the late Kenny Young.

   UFO Information sites in CyberSpace

  • UFO Forum -The UFO Forum on MSN™ invites all points of view, angles and opinions. This site is not about research per se - it's about exploration - joint exploration - of the many issues surrounding the phenomena. It is about being comfortable enough to openly discuss various issues related to Ufology without intimidation or mockery. The UFO Forum is for the open and active encouragement of discussion. The commentaries you will find here are meant to provoke, the Bulletin Boards and Chats to make you think. And yes, disagreement is encouraged! Just make sure you share your line of reasoning so we can follow along.
  • Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORA)
  • Alien Bases on Earth - location and descriptions included.
  • Alien Research - This is the alien reseach site it is dedicated to the finding and discovering and yes proving that Ufo's exisist, the data may seem shocking but it is all true. There shall be no intentionall false information on this site.
  • Alien's Home - includes sightings, reports, pictures, alien chat, and message board.
  • Aliens and the MJ-12 Conspiracy - Krill Files, Area51, and more.
  • B.U.F.O.D. Space, Above and Beyond - information about the UFO phenomenon, containing information on topics like Area 51 and the Roswell incident.
  • Black Vault, The - Freedom of Information Act correspondence and other documents.
  • Crow and Raine's UFO Site
  • Crashes of UFO's - This page will contain descriptions, pictures and links to some of the most famous UFO related crash/retrieval incidents. You will notice that I have included proved hoaxes as well as still unexplained cases.
  • Curtis Walton UFO Page
  • Darren's UFO Page - a personal view of UFOs.
  • Deb's UFO Research Information Clearinghouse
  • Do You Believe? - site by Andrea J Pickles.
  • Foreningen for Universell Vit Tid Healing (The Organization for White Time Healing) - extraterrestrial signs & symbols, interplanetary glossary and gallery of extraterrestrial eyes. Also, a new form of healing.
  • Hall of UFO Mysteries
  • International Society for UFO Research - online UFO databases, news, articles, photos, chat and more.
  • Nebula - UFO section of ParaScope magazine.
  • OVNIS & UFOS - Dans cette page, vous pourrez donner votre avis, en Francais, et bientot en Anglais sur le sujet des E.T. et des OVNIS.
  • ParaNet Newsletter Archive
  • Perth U.F.O. Homepage - including pictures, stories, links and more.
  • SAN DIEGO UFO SOCIETY FOUNDED IN APRIL 1988 PRINCIPLES AND PURPOSE: To present speakers who will educate the public on some of the following subjects/aspects on the worldwide UFO/ET(Extraterrestrial) Phenomenon, and its subsequent cover-up by various governments, most notable, the U.S. Government.
  • Science, Logic, and the UFO Debate - discussion of the evidence for UFOs and extraterrestrials.
  • UFO Documents [KeelyNet]
  • UFO Files - From the 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time.
  • UFO Folklore
  • UFO Page, The - pictures, animations, a Danish page, and more.
  • UFO Pictures - These pictures have come from a variety of sources. We can not guarantee the verify of all of them.
  • UFO Studies - pictures, downloads, animations, online forms, pen pal pages and more.
  • UFO Sweden - includes UFO reports and articles.
  • UFO Watch - report and view sightings and abductions. Also homes the UFO Newsletter written by Philip Keeler.
  • Ufoclopedia - Dictionary of terms, people, and incidents involved in UFO phenomena.
  • UFOs Are a Hot Topic - Soup's Up E-Zine has made a special page with lots of hot links to UFO related pages and newsgroups, along with info you won't find anywhere else.
  • UFOs: A Closer Look... - factual and verifiable info relating to the UFO phenomenon. Reports, articles, and released government documentation (FOIA).
  • Wayne's UFO Info Page - UFO/Gov't secrecy pictures and links.
  • Web O'Conspiracy - The shadowy figures of the Global Government and the Beast of Revelation; the Cydonia face on Mars and the fallen angels; the Apocalypse and UFOs; and the Rapture and New Age Ascension.
  • Wombat's UFO Page - information about UFO's, Aliens, Area51, and the Dulce base.
  • Hangar 18 - sells 1947 UFO reports.
  • Intravia, Phil - UFO pictures.
  • Planetary Mysteries
  • Star Fire - news, photos and analysis, UFO researchers, and research materials are available.
  • Technology 1999 - sells CD of CIA UFO information.
  • UFO Abduction Insurance - offers the perfect policy for anyone who thinks they have everything covered. You can't be turned down...
  • UFO Chronicles
  • UFO Experience - includes information about the annual conference, audio and video tapes, the book series, and the television series.
  • UFOLand - interpretation center of the UFO phenomenon.


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