Ufo Crashes

1897-The Aurora, Texas UFO Crash

Occurring during the "Great Airship" wave of the late 1800s, the legend of a UFO crash and a dead alien have survived over a century of debate. Allegedly, the dead alien pilot is buried in the local cemetery. The story of the crash was related by local newspapers, the UPI, and AP. The city received "historical site" status because of the incident.

1947-The Roswell, New Mexico UFO Crash

The most famous UFO case of all occurred near Corona, Mexico. Rancher Mac Brazel found strange crash debris on his morning rounds, and reported his find to local radio station. Soon, the military from Roswell AFB was involved, and issued a press statement that the Air Force had captured a UFO.

1948-UFO Crash at Aztec, New Mexico

Author Frank Scully described the Aztec crash as that of a craft which was measured at exactly 99.99 feet in diameter, covered by a material which resembled a light weight, shiny metal that possessed incredible strength and durability. It seems that nothing on this earth could penetrate or damage the hull of this craft from another world.

1965-The Kecksburg, Pennsylvania Crash

On December 5, 1965, something came from the skies of Canada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, finally crashing into the woods near the town of Kecksburg. Frances Kalp was the closest to the crash, and reported it to the local radio station. Soon, Pennsylvania state police and U.S. military took over the investigation.

1967-UFO Crash at Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia

Eyewitnesses see several unknown objects in the sky, and soon they crash into the seas of Shag Harbor. Rescue workers, fearing a plane crash, rush to the area, only to find bright, yellow foam on the ocean. Several days of search find nothing. Investigators believe the object, still intact has left the area.

1974-UFO Crash at Llandrillo, Wales, U K

This incident took place in January 1974. On or about 8:30 PM on January 23, an extremely large disc-shaped object was observed falling from the skies over the city of Clwyd in Wales. Approximately two hours earlier, several dozen witnesses across Lancashire and Chesshire had phoned in reports of a strange formation of bright green lights, which flew in a haphazard pattern in a northwesterly direction.

1996-UFOs Collide in Mid-Air in Israel

Spasso Maximovitch noticed an unexplainable object in the skies over Rosh Haayin in central Israel. He grabbed his video camera and captured a silvery, glowing object become two, three and then four fiery orbs, in a near square formation, over a wide expanse of the northwestern sky. Then a glowing white oval-shaped object appeared some 20 degrees west of the object and streaked toward it at high speed. Within three seconds it struck the stationary orb, causing a huge explosion in the sky which must have destroyed both objects.

Flying Saucers


The large majority of UFO reports fall into two categories: Bright lights or flying discs. The photographs on this page are all of alleged UFOs. They were photographed around the world in California (North America), Peru (South America), Yugoslavia and Switzerland (Europe). Photos of saucers have also come from parts of Asia as well.

Why so many reports of UFOs share this characteristic is unknown, but it was not always so. During a surge of UFO reports from the mid-west in the late 1800's and early 1900's the ships were described as oblong or dirigible shaped. Skeptics claim the change in the appearance of UFOs, as our own technology has changed, suggests witness's observations may be greatly colored by what they have seen and what they expect to see. An indistinguishable shape in the sky may appear to be a disc if the observer thinks it might be a disc.

While live witnesses may have trouble with perception, cameras do not. It seems hard to explain these photos as anything but elaborate hoaxes or a truly unexplained phenomenon.


Russian UFO Crash KGB Cover up-1969



This top secrete KGB tape surfaced when supposedly a group of film makers and producers paid $10,000 for the UFO footage and labeled it "The Secret KGB UFO Files".

The film takes place in Sverdlovsk, Russia (formerly Yekaterinburg) in March of 1969. In the KGB footage you see the Military and scientists responding to a UFO crash where a UFO fell from the sky and was jammed almost half way into the ground at an angle. There were many documents that were released with the film as well as the actual film canisters from the film itself. When you look at the video you can clearly see the authenticity, The soldiers are dressed appropriately for the times and the vehicles used are the same make and model as were used in the KGB around this time.

As with all UFO and Alien sightings there are many people out there that have been trying to debunk the video saying it was simply a hoax. This video however is much to real to be made by an amateur photographer. If it is indeed a hoax there was a lot of money spent and they did their research on the KGB before hand. There for until someone comes forth with the film set footage or some other concrete proof we have nothing else but to believe that this is a real UFO crash in Russia that was covered up until a corrupt official decided to sell out with the truth.

The real evidence is in the video though. It starts off with the military heading out to the crash site in the snow. If this were a fake video made by a film crew there would be many more footprints and vehicle tracks then are there when there entering the site. Unfortunately you don't get to see them unearth the craft but only them carrying off the tree and metallic debris. In the files that came with the film it was documented that there was also an organic being inside the space craft and the being had been sent for an autopsy and then destroyed. This is a must see video for anyone that believes and everyone who does not.

Nebraska May Have Had Its Own Roswell In 1884
UFO By John Wenz

Very few people have heard of Max, Neb. A cursory look at the Google Map of the town shows just how small it is - under 20 blocks, a blip in southwest Nebraska. It's just eight miles from the seat of Dundy County: Benkelman, population 914.

But Max, the blip it may be, is the closest town to an incident in that occurred 1884.

The Nebraska Nugget reported, "About 35 miles northwest of Benkelman, Dundy County, on the 6th of June (1884) a very startling phenomenon occurred. It seems that John W. Ellis and three of his herdsmen and a number of other cowboys were out engaged in a roundup.

They were startled by a terrific whirring noise over their heads, and turning their eyes saw a blazing body falling like a shot to Earth. It struck beyond them, being hidden from view by a bank."

One of the herdsmen, Alf Williamson, was burned as he approached the craft, which had created a split in the ground as it dragged to a stop. He was taken back to Ellis' home and treated for his burns.

E.W. Rawlins, the brand inspector for the district, came to inspect it.

The Nebraska State Journal reported on the event in 1887, saying, "One piece that looked like the blade of a propeller screw, of a metal of an appearance like brass, about 16 inches wide, three inches thick and three-and-a-half feet long, was picked up by a spade.

It would not weigh more than five pounds, but appeared as strong and compact as any known metal. A fragment of a wheel with a milled rim, apparently having had a diameter of seven or eight feet, was also picked up. It seemed to be of the same material and had the same remarkable lightness."

The lack of physical evidence means there's nothing much left today, and John Buder, a field researcher with the Mutual UFO Network of Nebraska, said that the people of Dundy County shy away from talking about the event.

Most of his investigation into it has been research. He first stumbled across the story in a tourist's guide to Nebraska. From there, he's found it in multiple books on the subject.

"There has been a lot of studies made on UFO crashes," Buder said. "The people who I would claim know the most have not identified it as a hoax."

It was the second UFO crash Buder knows of, and the first to be recorded in newspapers of the time. But once the story came out, it started a worldwide wave of similar stories - some more reputable than others.

One such case is the 1897 crash near Aurora, Tex., where four alien bodies are supposedly buried in a graveyard. Eyder Peralta, a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, investigated that crash and turned up nothing.

But the Nebraska crash is the first reported. It was only after the incident near Max that it became a sort of mythology.

"That means that all these other hoax crashes that started seem to have gotten their start at Max, Neb.," Buder said.

It's a piece of Nebraska history only occasionally touched on, Roswell before there was a Roswell to speak of.

"I'd say right now there's only a few dozen people in Nebraska who even know about it," Buder said.

But how does a craft just disappear, just dissolve in a crash? What about the "cogs" that the craft threw off as it approached the ground? Did those, too, simply disappear?

It's a legend taken more seriously than most of the era in ufology circles, which is not to say there aren't skeptics. Alan Boye even wrote in his recent book, "The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska," that "there are, of course, many people who do not believe the story, and others who claim it is yet another UFO story neglected and laughed at by skeptics."

But skeptical or not, Buder asserts that it was the beginning of the wave of stories, ground zero for what would turn into airship sightings as time went on.

He sees the building of the railroad coinciding with the sightings of the era. In fact, the crafts were often described as "railroad engines without wheels" at the time.

"It's ironic that this same story, this being the first, was repeated many more times worldwide at later dates," Buder said.

And as for the remnants, Buder thinks there might be some things tucked away in the Republican River valley.

"I wouldn't doubt that out there in one of those tool sheds or barns out there, there's a piece of metal that no one knows where it came from," he said.

Source & References:

The Daily Nebraskan - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

   The Aurora, Texas Crash of 1897
Aurora Crash The state of Texas has always been called the "big state." This expression applies to many things, but is especially true regarding "tall tales." I have heard them all of my life, and sometimes it is difficult to separate truth from fiction.

Such is the case with one story that comes from the small town of Aurora.

The town's history book labels the community as "the town that almost wasn't," and that expression is directly related to the legend of a spaceship crashing into a windmill, and the burial of a small alien creature found in the aftermath.

This event has become the most important news story to ever come out of this small Texas city. Aurora was designated a "historical site" by the State of Texas.

The year was 1897, and this was the year of the "great airships" reports in the United States. As the story goes, it was on April 17, 1897, that a slow moving space ship crashed into a windmill, bursting into pieces.

As the debris was searched through, supposedly the body of a small alien was discovered.

Originally the alien pilot was dubbed the "Martian pilot."

Some of the debris also revealed material sketched with a type of hieroglyphic. The town folk gave the poor little creature a proper burial in the local cemetery.

This incident, whether true or not, has had just enough publicity to stay afloat for over 100 years. It was made into a movie, "The Aurora Encounter" in 1986, starring Jack Elam.

The news of the crash spread quickly, even for that time period.

A newspaper article of the event still exists, written by S. E. Haydon, reporter for the Dallas Morning News. Below is the original article:

Aurora Cemetery "About 6 o'clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing around the country. It was traveling due north and much nearer the earth than before.

"Evidently some of the machinery was out of order, for it was making a speed of only ten or twelve miles an hour, and gradually settling toward the earth. It sailed over the public square and when it reached the north part of town it collided with the tower of Judge Proctor's windmill and went into pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the judge's flower garden.

"The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world."

Aurora Map The story never gained a lot of exposure at the time, but eventually it was commented on by UPI on May 24, 1973:

"Aurora, Tex. -- (UPI) -- A grave in a small north Texas cemetery contains the body of an 1897 astronaut who was 'not an inhabitant of this world,' according to the International UFO Bureau.

The group, which investigates unidentified flying objects, has already initiated legal proceedings to exhume the body and will go to court if necessary to open the grave, director Hayden Hewes said Wednesday.

"After checking the grave with metal detectors and gathering facts for three months, we are certain as we can be at this point [that] he was the pilot of a UFO which reportedly exploded atop a well on Judge J.S. Proctor's place, April 19, 1897," Hewes said." "He was not an inhabitant of this world."

The legend was back in the news! Only a couple of days later, UPI followed up the first report with another from Aurora. They had located a living witness to the event.

"A ninety-one-year-old who had been a girl of fifteen in Aurora at the time of the reported incident was quoted. "I had all but forgotten the incident until it appeared in the newspapers recently."

She said her parents had actually been to the crash sight, but had not allowed her to accompany them for fear of what might be in the debris.

"She recalled that the remains of the pilot, 'a small man,' had been buried in the Aurora cemetery, validating the other legends."

The Associated Press now joined the chase for the sensational story. From the city of Denton, Texas came this account: "A North Texas State University professor had found some metal fragments near the Oates gas station (former Proctor farm). One fragment was said to be 'most intriguing' because it consisted primarily of iron which did not seem to exhibit magnetic properties."

The professor also said he was puzzled because the fragment was "shiny and malleable instead of dull and brittle like iron."

For reasons unknown, the Aurora Cemetery Association fought the attempts to exhume the alleged alien body. They were successful, and the dead alien's remains stayed a mystery.

The town of Aurora still shows traces of Military intervention today, and the question must be asked, "Why would the U. S. Military be in the town of Aurora?"

Anyone familiar with the Roswell crash of 1947 will remember that debris from Mac Brazel's field was flown to Ft. Worth, which is only a short hop's distance from Aurora. Is this why the Military was in Aurora? Could the Government have the alien body?

Today Aurora, like other cities, is modernized, and yet a few hints of the past still remain. Although the headstone of the alien was stolen, there remain pictures of it today. A copy of this photo now adorns the grave site.

There has been, at times, a lobby to exhume the remains of the little pilot and give it a proper burial, with a new headstone. So far, this has not happened. Should the little grave be dug up, or should we just leave it and the legend of the Aurora UFO alone?

UFO Crash, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 1920
On Oct. 28, 1973, The Hawk Eye included a story from Mount Pleasant resident Clark Linch, 75 at the time but has since died, who related a story that took place in 1920.

Linch maintained that at about 10 a.m. on June 3, 1920, he saw what he later came to believe was an extraterrestrial spacecraft land while he was fishing.

Linch said he was working his father's farm 6 miles northeast of town when he took the forenoon off to go fishing.

"I remember the year because I'd gotten married in January of 1920," he said, adding he was able to remember the exact date because it was his birthday.

While fishing, Linch saw an egg-shaped object the size of a cream can land silently about 15-feet from his river bank perch. The object "sat there" for about 15 minutes, "not bothering him - nor he bothering it," according to the report.

"I wasn't in any hurry to jump up and run over to it, and I'm glad I didn't. It might have killed me. Just when I thought about going over to take a closer look at it, it took off without any sound and without turning around. The grass where it hit was pressed down."

Linch said the object left no damage or burn marks on the grass where it had landed. The blue and translucent object "would have been camouflaged in the sky ... I didn't know what to believe about it at the time, and I still don't. I've concluded that it wasn't anything from Earth."

Because of the object's small size, Linch had said, "it couldn't have been occupied by intelligent life as we know it."

Linch observed that his sighting differed from other UFO reports because the object he saw moved slowly, "probably about four or five miles per hour," and was small and "apparently lightweight."

It took 35 years, until 1955, for Linch to tell his story to anybody.

"You didn't talk about flying saucers in (1920)," he said.

source and references:

Iowa City [Iowa] Press-Citizen, July 7, 1920

UFO Crash and Retrieval - Missouri, 1941
Published: 9:50 AM 10/17/2010

Depiction: Missouri Crash 1941

One of the most mysterious stories of a crashed UFO with alien bodies preceded the well known Roswell event by some six years. This case was first brought to investigators by Leo Stringfield in his book "UFO Crash / Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum."

He opened a tantalizing account of a military controlled UFO crash retrieval which is still being researched today. The details of the case were sent to him in a letter from one Charlette Mann, who related her minister-grandfather's deathbed confession of being summoned to pray over alien crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri in the spring of 1941.

Reverend William Huffman had been an evangelist for many years, but had taken the resident minister reigns of the Red Star Baptist Church in early 1941. Church records corroborate his employment there during the period in question.

After receiving this call to duty, he was immediately driven the 10-15 mile journey to some woods outside of town. Upon arriving at the scene of the crash, he saw policemen, fire department personnel, FBI agents, and photographers already mulling through the wreckage.

He was soon asked to pray over three dead bodies. As he began to take in the activity around the area, his curiosity was first struck by the sight of the craft itself.

Charlette Mann Expecting a small plane of some type, he was shocked to see that the craft was disc-shaped, and upon looking inside he saw hieroglyphic-like symbols, indecipherable to him.

He then was shown the three victims, not human as expected, but small alien bodies with large eyes, hardly a mouth or ears, and hairless.

Immediately after performing his duties, he was sworn to secrecy by military personnel who had taken charge of the crash area. He witnessed these warnings being given to others at the scene also.

As he arrived back at his home at 1530 Main Street, he was still in a state of mild shock, and could not keep his story from his wife Floy, and his sons. This late night family discussion would spawn the story that Charlette Mann would hear from her grandmother in 1984, as she lay dying of cancer at Charlette's home while undergoing radiation therapy.

Charlette was told the story over the span of several days, and although Charlette had heard bits and pieces of this story before, she now demanded the full details.

military intervention As her grandmother tolerated her last few days on this Earth, Charlette knew it was now or never to find out everything she could before this intriguing story was lost with the death of her grandmother.

She also learned that one of the members of her grandfather's congregation, thought to be Garland D. Fronabarger, had given him a photograph taken on the night of the crash. This picture was of one of the dead aliens being help up by two men.

Charlette Mann gave, in her own words, an account of what she knew for a television documentary. Some of that account is given here:

"I saw the picture originally from my dad who had gotten it from my grandfather who was a Baptist minister in Cape Girardeau Missouri in the Spring of ‘41. I saw that [picture] and asked my grandmother at a later time she was at my home fatally ill with cancer so we had a frank discussion.

"She said that grandfather was called out in the spring of 1941 in the evening around 9:00-9:30, that someone had been called out to a plane crash outside of town and would he be willing to go to minister to people there which he did."

"Upon arrival it was a very different situation. It was not a conventional aircraft, as we know it. He described it as a saucer that was metallic in color, no seams, did not look like anything he had seen. It had been broken open in one portion, and so he could walk up and see that.

"In looking in he saw a small metal chair, gauges and dials and things he had never seen. However, what impressed him most was around the inside there were inscriptions and writings, which he said he did not recognize, but were similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics."

"There were 3 entities, or non-human people, lying on the ground. Two were just outside the saucer, and a third one was further out. His understanding was that perhaps that third one was not dead on impact. There had been mention of a ball of fire, yet there was fire around the crash site, but none of the entities had been burned and so father did pray over them, giving them last rites.

"There were many people there, fire people, photographers, and so they lifted up one, and two men on either side stood him up and they stretched his arms out, they had him up under the armpits and out here.

As I recall from the picture I saw, he was about 4 feet tall, appeared to have no bone structure, soft looking. He had a suit on, or we assume it was a suit, it could have been his skin, and what looked like crinkled, soft aluminum foil. I recall it had very long hands, very long fingers, and I think there were three but I cannot swear to that."

“My grandfather upon arrival, said there were already several people there on the scene, two that he assumed were local photographers, fire people, and so not long after they arrived, military just showed up, surrounded the area, took them off in groups separately, and spoke to each of them.

"Grandfather didn't know what was said to the others, but he was told ‘this didn't happen, you didn't see this, this is national security, it is never to be talked about again.’

"My grandfather was an honorable man, being a preacher, that’s all that needed to be said to him. And so he came home and told the story to my dad, who was there, and my grandmother and my uncle. Now my mother was expecting at the time, so she was off in the bedroom."

"My sister was born May 3, 1941, so we are assuming this was the middle to the last of April. And he never spoke of it again. But about two weeks later, one of the men who had a personal camera that he had put in his shirt pocket, approached grandfather and said I think someone needs a copy of this.

"I have one and I would like you to keep one. So that's how it came about that grandfather had the picture to begin with. But he never spoke of it again. The other people seem to be very intimidated and very frightened and paranoid."

Other living supporting witnesses include Charlette Mann’s sister who confirmed her story in a notarized sworn affidavit, and the living brother of the Cape Girardeau County sheriff in 1941, Clarance R. Schade. He does remember hearing the account of the crash, yet does not have many details. He does recall hearing of a "spaceship with little people."

Depiction of alien There are also Fire Department records of the date of the crash. This information does confirm the military swearing department members to secrecy, and also the removal of all evidence from the scene by military personnel.

Guy Huffman, Charlette's father also told the story of the crash, and had in his possession the photograph of the dead alien. He showed the picture to a photographer friend of his, Walter Wayne Fisk.

He has been contacted by Stanton Friedman, but would not release any pertinent information.

Charlette had no luck in getting Fish to return calls or answer letters. It has been rumored that Fisk was an advisor to the President, and if this was the case, would account for his silence on the facts of the Missouri crash.

This case ends like many others, but appears by all indications to be authentic. All who have come in contact with Charlette Mann found her to be a trustworthy person who is not given to sensationalism, and has sought no gain from her account.

There is still research being done on the Missouri crash, and hopefully more information will be forthcoming to validate this remarkable case.

(B J Booth)

Source: "UFO Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum," by Leo Stringfield.

ADDENDUM: 02-18-04 - Local UFO probe Researcher seeks answers to report of crash in 1941 
By Peggy O'Farrel, Southeast Missourian

A Virginia man is investigating the possibility that a UFO crashed near Cape Girardeau in 1941. "That would be six years before Roswell," said James Westwood of Centreville, Va., referring to the 1947 incident in which the government allegedly recovered and then covered up a UFO crash in New Mexico.

"That would put Cape Girardeau County on the UFO map," he said.

Southeast Missouri already is known for UFO activity. Dr. Harley Rutledge, a former chairman of the physics department at Southeast Missouri State University who is now retired, has investigated reports of strange sights seen flying through the skies near Piedmont and other UFO reports.

"Project Identification: The First Scientific Field Study of UFO Phenomena," outlines Rutledge's research.

Westwood said Rutledge told him he has not heard of the 1941 incident. Westwood, a retired Navy man and engineer, is looking for people who may remember an incident from 1941 when some type of aircraft reportedly crashed approximately 3 to 15 miles outside Cape Girardeau.

Westwood bases his investigation on an account by Charlotte Mann, a Texas woman whose grandfather, the Rev. William Huffman, was the pastor of Red Star Baptist Church from 1941 to 1944.

Leonard H. Stringifield, a renowned UFO investigator, recounted Mann's story in the July 1991 issue of his "Status Report," a monthly publication on UFO activities and investigations.

Mann told Stringfield her grandfather got a call one spring night from police asking him to accompany them to the site of an airplane crash outside town in case the victims needed a clergyman.

"A car was sent to get him, but grandmother said it wasn't a police car," Mann said in Stingfield's recounting of the story.

"When Huffman got to the crash scene, Mann said, he noticed one piece of the wreckage that appeared to have a rounded shape with no edges or seams," and a "very shiny, metallic finish."

"Police officers, plainclothes men, and military officers were already at the scene sifting through the wreckage, Mann said. Laid to one side of the scene were "three bodies, not human," she recounted.

"It was hard for him to tell if they had on suits or if it was their skin, but they were covered head to foot in what looked like wrinkled aluminum foil," Mann said.

"He could see no hair on their bodies and they had no ears. They were small framed like a child, about 4 feet tall, but had larger heads and longer arms."

Their faces had large, oval-shaped eyes, no noses, just holes and no lips, just small slits for mouths," Mann said.

Huffman was told by one of the military officers at the scene not to tell anyone what he had witnessed for security reasons, Mann told Stringfield. Huffman told his wife, Floy, and their two sons what he had seen when he returned home from the crash site, but never spoke of it again, said Mann.

Huffman died in 1959. His wife, who died in 1984, told Mann the story. A few weeks after the crash, Huffman was apparently given a photo of two men holding one of the corpses found at the scene. Mann's father loaned the photo to a friend but never saw it again.

Now Westwood, who read Mann's account in Stringfield's publication, is looking for others who may remember hearing about the crash. "What you need here is another source, at least one other person who says, I sort of remember this," Westwood said.

"Even if it's a second-hand account, you've at least got another source."

"Mann's account says the crash happened in the spring. Westwood speculates it may actually have happened in the fall because of the mention of a field fire caused by the crash. In the spring, he reasons, vegetation would have been too wet to burn easily. "But in the fall, it's very dry," he said.

He also speculates the military officers on the scene may have been called in from an Army Air Corps base in Sikeston at the time. If the crash happened, the military and police wouldn't have known what they were looking at, Westwood said, because Roswell and the other early UFO sightings hadn't happened.

And the incident may have been covered up for military security reasons since the U.S. was gearing up for World War II, he said.

"It wouldn't be implausible" for the incident to have been reported as an airplane crash," Westwood said.

Westwood began researching Mann's story at the beginning of the year. He has been in Cape Girardeau for the last week reviewing local records and looking for potential sources. He hasn't had much luck. So far no one he has talked to has admitted to knowing anything.

"There isn't anything that I would consider even close," Westwood said.

He found a report of a student pilot's airplane crash near Morley in Scott County in May 1941, and a local pilot told him about another crash near Oak Ridge that happened in spring 1941.

The other problem is the Huffmans left the area not long after the alleged crash. The Cape Girardeau city directory lists the Huffmans from 1942 to 1944, but they aren't listed in the 1945 directory.

Records from the Southeast Missourian say Huffman became the pastor of the church in September 1941.

And Stringfield, who investigated hundreds of reports of UFO crashes and retrievals, died in 1994. His family has refused to release his files to other researchers.

Westwood says he has never seen a UFO or been in contact with extraterrestrials.

"There's no doubt in my mind that UFOs are real flying objects from outer space," he said. He points to similarities in thousands of sightings and reports from people who have reported having contact with extraterrestrials as evidence that something is out there."

But what he calls the "cultism" surrounding the study of UFOs and false reports by attention-seeking hysterics detracts from evidence given by witnesses or people who claim contact, Westwood says, "aren't any crazier than anybody else."

Tracing UFO reports is "an interesting kind of detective story," Westwood said.

"It's a Sherlock Holmes kind of thing in which you have to sort through a lot of BS looking for those nuggets.

"In the end, some of the things fit, and some things don't."

The Roswell crash and recovery isn't the only UFO crash in the annals of the study of UFOs, Westwood said. "It's just the best known," he said.

Anyone with Information about a 1941 crash may contact James Westwood at:

5608-34 Willoughby Newton Drive, Centreville, Va., 20120,

The Legends of UFO Crashes at Spitzbergen, Norway, 1946 & 1952
There have been numerous legends about UFO crashes; some of them have quite a bit of documentation and eyewitness testimony. Others are based mostly on legend and folklore.

Two of these crashes alleged occurred in or near Spitzbergen, Norway. However, there is just not enough verifiable evidence to support either of these events, and here are the reasons:


1946 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The 1946 case, more than anything else, is memorable for its characters. The legend goes something like this; In 1946, General James H. Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the Shell Oil Company, supposedly to investigate the mystery of the "Ghost Rockets."

Why an oil company would investigate UFOs is beyond my understanding; unless they felt they could strengthen their profits somehow.

Somehow, Doolittle supposedly wound up in Spitzbergen. There are a number of Internet sites which claim that there was a short-lived article published in America of a UFO crash in the Norwegian city about this time.

Some people claim to have seen the article. The really odd thing about the tale of this case is what does Doolittle have to do with anything, since he is only mentioned as being in the area, and that is the end of his involvement.

The only redeeming part of this particular case is that it was reported by Dorothy Kilgallen, celebrity for her years appearing on the "What's My Line?" TV game show. She claimed that someone in the upper echelon of the British government informed her that a UFO had crashed near Spitzbergen, and was under investigation by the British and American military.

Supposedly, this informant was Lord Mountbatten.

Some investigators claim that since no mention of the name Spitzbergen was found in the reports, that the location's mention was to cover up a crash in Great Britain. A crash in Great Britain during the same time period has no basis in fact either.

Dorothy Kilgallen

In addition to being a game show regular, Kilgallen also was a journalist of a sort, having written "gossip columns," but she also was well known for covering hard current events. She had covered the headline-grabbing Lindbergh kidnapping story.

In the 1950s, she had covered one of the top stories of her time, the Sam Sheppard murder trial.

Her last real claim to fame was in the 1960s when she got an interview with Lee Harvey Oswald killer, Jack Ruby. This interview was carried by the "Los Angeles Examiner." She told friends that she had information that would "break the case wide open."

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates.

The notes of her interview with Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared.

Luckily, she had given a friend a draft of her interview. Kilgallen was probably fearful for her own life, since several other writers who had worked on the Oswald / Ruby case had died under "unusual circumstances."

Kilgallen's reputation and notoriety was the only thing that kept the weak story of the Spitzbergen crash of 1946 alive. The last hope of further research into the Norwegian crash died along with her, as her sources were never verified.

Spitzbergen 1946 written by B J Booth

1952 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The other Spitzbergen crash story first appeared in the German newspaper “Saarbrücker Zeitung” in June 1952. The article, entitled "Auf Spitzbergen landete Fliegende Untertasse", was soon picked up by several other German newspapers, with many of them citing “The Stuttgarter Tagerblatt” as the original source.

The story was that jets of the Norwegian Air Force spotted a crashed UFO while flying over Spitzbergen on maneuvers. The craft was disc-shaped with a series of jets around the rim of the disc to make it spin.

According to the first article about the crash, the craft was an unmanned, remote-controlled vehicle with Russian writing on the controls, but as the story was embellished with each retelling, it soon acquired seven alien crewmen who were burned to death in the crash.

Spitzbergen 1952 written by Loy Lawhon

The Roswell UFO Crash (1)

Published: January 12, 1991

"Roswell," the very mention of the word brings images of a crashed UFO, aliens, government cover-up, autopsies, hidden debris, guarded charred bodies, and weather balloons. In the history of UFO reports, no case has received the world-wide attention as the Roswell event of 1947. Not only did the alleged crash of a flying saucer create mass coverage at the time of the event, but remains today as an often discussed case by which all other cases are judged.

So many books and articles have been written about Roswell, it is not an easy task to write another, but I feel that no UFO enthusiast cannot include it among his comments. The Roswell event is the cornerstone of UFO research. The case offers everything one could imagine; a crash of some flying craft, direct, hands on testimony of witnesses who handled crash debris, government cover-up and secrecy, and most of all a list of participants which is generally listed at around 500 first and secondhand testimonials.

Ironically, the alleged crash story originally died as quickly as it began. It would be many years before UFO researchers refueled the fire behind its enormous potential. Most all of us are familiar with the famous Roswell headline stating that the Army had captured a "flying saucer," and then the retraction a few hours later, substituting a balloon for the crashed saucer.

At the time of the original event, a sense of naivety and trust gave birth to a rapid, quiet acceptance of the retraction, and there the event died. But, fortunately, it was resurrected in 1976, and has kept pace with all other events of the last 50+ years. It would be January 1976, when ufologists William Moore, and Stanton R. Friedman were mulling over some interview notes from two witnesses whom Friedman had met with. A man and a woman, who both had knowledge of a crashed saucer in July 1947 in Corona, New Mexico were the key witnesses.

A retired Air Force officer, Major Jesse A. Marcel asserted that he had first hand involvement in the crash debris, and the Air Force cover-up. The woman was Lydia Sleppy, who had been employed at an Albuquerque radio station KOAT. She claimed that the military had covered-up the story of a crashed saucer, and the bodies of "little men," who were aboard the craft. She also claimed that the Air Force had literally stopped the sending of a teletype news report of the incident.

The USA Military had announced to the world that it had captured a flying saucer on a remote ranch in Corona, and then about four hours later corrected the story, saying that what was found was just a weather balloon with a radar reflector kite. We have two stories. Which one is the truth?

Though subsequent confirmations of the balloon theory continue, as long as we have firsthand witnesses who defy this explanation, the investigation must continue. Of all of the explanations given to Project Bluebook, it is quite strange that the Roswell story was never mentioned. The story that died so quickly was rarely mentioned from the beginning, the only one, to my knowledge, was in a mid-1950's lecture by UFO enthusiast Frank Edward. It seems that from the beginning, a grass roots group of believers would perpetuate this grandstory. When we solve the puzzle of the many UFO reports, it will be due to this grass roots movement. The truth is hard to kill.

It would be June 24, 1947, when the term, "flying saucer" was coined by pilot Kenneth Arnold. He used this term to describe UFOs flying over Mr. Ranier, and only a couple of weeks later, the phrase was used by the Air Force to explain what had been found in Corona, New Mexico.

The alleged crash debris was flown to Eight Army Air Force Headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas, and somehow between the time that Jesse Marcel Sr. had handled the "other worldly" material and its arrival in Ft. Worth, the strange material had lost its luster, and became just a weather balloon. The Air Force had effectively murdered the eye witness accounts, and made fools of all who were involved. Marcel would categorically state that the debris he held in his hands, and showed to his family, was not the same material shown in photos of the "balloon wreckage."

What happened to the saucer debris? An uncertified, but controversial document might provide an answer. Supposedly a brief prepared for then President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower, this document was authored on November 18, 1952. It asserts that on September 24, 1947, President Harry S. Truman ordered the genesis of the highly top-secret "Operation Majestic-12," to study the remains of the Roswell crash.

These papers would arrive in a plain manilla envelope, postmarked Albuquerque, in the post of Los Angeles television producer Jaime Shandera in December 1984. In the early part of 1987, another copy was given to Timothy Good, a British ufologist. Good released it to the British press in May.

These documents caused quite a stir, but their authenticity cannot be established beyond doubt. The jury is still out on the MJ-12 papers, but many ufologists view it as a hoax. The issue itself is not insurmountable, however, as a huge amount of evidence still remains to establish the Roswell crash as a reality.

The Roswell saga actually began in Silver City, New Mexico on June 25. Dr. R. F. Sensenbaugher, a dentist, reported sighting a saucer-shaped UFO fly over, that was about one-half the size of the full moon. Two days later, in Pope, New Mexico, W. C. Dobbs reported a white, glowing object flying overhead, not too far from the White Sands missile range. On the same day, Captain E. B. Detchmendy reported to his commanding officer that he saw a white, glowing UFO pass over the missile range.

Two days later, on June 29, Rocket expert C. J. Zohn and three of his technicians, who were stationed at White Sands, watched a giant silver disc moving northward over the desert. On July 2, a UFO was tracked at three separate installations; Alamogordo, White Sands, and Roswell. In Roswell, on the same day, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot saw a UFO. They report its appearance as "two inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth," moving at a high rate of speed over their house. Enter rancher Mac Brazel.

Mac BrazelThe events of Roswell began on either July 2 or July 4 (there is some disagreement here). A throwback to western days, William W. "Mac" Brazel, a sheep rancher, would etch his name forever into UFO history, a designation that he neither desired, nor appreciated. A common working man, Brazel was foreman of the Foster Ranch in Lincoln County, near Corona, New Mexico. Brazel was a family man, but his wife and children lived in Tularosa, near Alamogordo.

The reason for this arrangement was so his children could attend better schools than they would at Corona. Brazel stayed in an older house on the ranch, where he tended sheep, and the general chores of the ranch. He was a simple man, content with his job, family, and his life. Mac would be thrust into the limelight for a brief period of time, and ultimately regret ever reporting what he was about to discover on the range of the Foster Ranch.

An evening thunderstorm was raging at the close of another workday; the storm was highlighted by numerous bolts of lightning. These summer storms were not uncommon for these parts, but this evening Mac noticed something different... a sound, like an explosion mingled with the typical sounds of a storm.

Two of Mac's children were staying with him that night at his farm house. Mac retired with the children, and temporarily forgot about the sounds of that night. The next day's sun brought Mac out again to ride the fences, and check on his sheep. He was accompanied that day with a seven-year-old neighbor boy, William D. "Dee" Proctor, who often rode with Mac.

As they rode into the open field, ahead of them they noticed an area about a quarter of a mile long and several hundred feet wide, covered with debris of some type. The debris was composed of small pieces of a shiny, metallic material, a material that Mac had never seen before. The sheep would not cross the fragmented pieces, and they had to be taken the long way around that day. Because of the curious nature of the debris, Mac picked up some of it and carried it back to store in a shed. Little did he know the significance of his find.

One of his children, Bessie Brazel recalled: "There was what appeared to be pieces of heavily waxed paper and a sort of aluminum-like foil. Some of these pieces had something like numbers and lettering on them, but there were no words you were able to make out. Some of the metal-foil pieces had a sort of tape stuck to them, and when these were held to the light they showed what looked like pastel flowers or designs. Even though the stuff looked like tape it could not be peeled off or removed at all."

"[The writing] looked like numbers mostly, at least I assumed them to be numbers. They were written out like you would write numbers in columns to do an addition problem. But they didn't look like the numbers we use at all. What gave me the idea they were numbers, I guess, was the way they were all ranged out in columns."

"No, it was definitely not a balloon. We had seen weather balloons quite a lot, both on the ground and in the air. We had even found a couple of Japanese-style balloons that had come down in the area once. We had also picked up a couple of those thin rubber weather balloons with instrument packages. This was nothing like that. I have never seen anything resembling this sort of thing before,- or since..."

Later that afternoon, Mac took young Dee Proctor back home, a journey of about 10 miles. He took along a piece of the debris that he had found, and showed it to Dee's parents, Floyd, and Loretta. Mac tried to get the Proctors to go back with him, and look at the strange material strewn in the fields.

Floyd Proctor would later state: "[He said] it wasn't paper because he couldn't cut it with his knife, and the metal was different from anything he had ever seen. He said the designs looked like the kind of stuff you would find on firecracker wrappers...some sort of figures all done up in pastels, but not writing like we would do it."

Loretta Proctor remembered: "The piece he brought looked like a kind of tan, light-brown was very lightweight, like balsa wood. It wasn't a large piece, maybe about four inches long, maybe just larger than a pencil."
"We cut on it with a knife and would hold a match on it, and it wouldn't burn. We knew it wasn't wood. It was smooth like plastic, it didn't have real sharp corners, kind of like a dowel stick. Kind of dark tan. It didn't have any grain...just smooth."

"We should have gone [to look at the debris field], but gas and tires were expensive then. We had our own chores, and it would have been twenty miles."

The first hint that the debris could be "not of this world" would come the next night from Mac's uncle, Hollis Wilson. Mac told Hollis about his find, and Hollis urged Mac to report the findings, since there had been reports of "flying saucers" in the area as of late. On July 6, Mac was going to Roswell to strike up a deal for a new pickup truck. He took along some of the debris, and stopped off at the Chaves County Sheriff's Office and spoke to George Wilcox.

The story of the find was not significant to Wilcox until he actually handled a piece of the silvery material. Wilcox telephoned the Roswell Army Air Field, and spoke to one Major Jesse A. Marcel, who was the base intelligence officer. Marcel told the Sheriff he would come into Roswell and talk to Brazel about his find. Word of the goings on began to spread rapidly in the community, and soon Mac was talking to radio station KGFL about the incident. Mac told the station what he knew over the telephone.

Marcel and Brazel met at the Sheriff's office. Mac told Marcel what he knew, and showed him a piece of debris. Marcel reported the results of his interview to Colonel William H. Blanchard back at Roswell Army Base. A decision was made for Brazel to go out to the site, and investigate for himself. Marcel would take his old Buick, and Army Counter Intelligence Corps officer Sheridan Cavitt accompanied him in a Jeep all-terrain vehicle.

Following Marcel back to the ranch, it was too late that day to visit the site, so they all three stayed in Mac's ranch house. After a dinner of beans, the three headed to the site the next morning. After a brief look around, Mac left Marcel and Cavitt, returning to his chores.

The Maury Island UFO Mystery
UFO Depiction
The story surfaced from Ray Palmer (editor of Amazing Stories), regarding a man called Fred Crisman who claimed to have actual physical evidence of a flying saucer, July 31, 1947.

Palmer passed the story onto Kenneth Arnold, who was investigating UFO reports in the Northwest. Arnold interviewed Crisman an his associate Harold Dahl who claimed they were harbour patrolmen (their first lie).

Crisman reported that they had seen a doughnut-shaped craft dump piles of slaglike material on the beach of Maury Island in Puget Sound. The next morning a mysterious man in black had threatened Dahl, who claimed the man said 'I know a great deal more about this experience of yours that you will want to believe.'.

The 2 men showed Arnold the material who in turn contacted an Army Air Force intelligence officer, Lieutenant Frank Brown, who flew up from Hamilton Field in California in the company of another Air Force officer.

The 2 Air Force officers immediately recognised the material as ordinary aluminium but did not say so in front of Arnold due to the fact that he would feel embarrassed. While flying back to Hamilton, their B-25 caught fire and crashed, killing both officers.

Crisman and Dahl later confessed to investigators that they had made up the story. Before his death Crisman changed the Maury Incident story to that of an American Plane dropping radioactive waste instead of a UFO dropping unknown substances.

A sceptic association investigated the case, which they date to 21 June 1947, instead of 31 July 1947 (?), and gives the explanation "foundry slag, unrelated plane crash." Note that Ed Ruppelt was involved in the investigation and classifies the event as "admitted hoax."


1950 Mexico City UFO Crash with Midget Pilot
The Washington Herald-3-10-1950

—Los Angeles, March 9 (AP)

An expert on chemicals and explosives told reporters yesterday he had seen the wreckage of an ultra streamlined flying saucer on a Mexico City mountainside, and that top U.S. officials have viewed it.

But there was no confirmation of the account, related by Ray L. Dimmick sales manger of of the Apache Powder Co., and the Air Force in Washington said it had heard nothing about it.

Says Saw "Strip of Metal"

Dimmick later told newsmen he had seen only a strip of metal which he was told came from the space ship.

The remainder of his information Dimmick said, came from two businessmen in Mexico City, one an American, the other a Chilean. Dimmick declined to name them, said he would divulge that information “if requested by the proper authorities.”

Part of the information he said, was that a man 23 inched tall, the pilot of the plane, died in the crash and that his body had been embalmed for scientific study.

It was an exquisite piece of machinery, Dimmick told the first interviewers. He then described it in detail, saying it was 48 feet in diameter, built of a metal resembling aluminum, but much harder, and was powered by two motors.

He was then taken to the scene of the crash by associates and that the wreckage was roped off. The crash occurred three months ago he said.

Dimmick said later that the piece of metal he saw was actually eight feet long, 8 inches wide, and three-quarters of an inch thick.

Others Sighted

Reminded that the Air Force announced last December it was dropping its investigation of Flying Saucers because of preponderance of evidence that they do not exist, Dimmick said:

“I’m big enough to take the consequences of what I said and stand my ground.”

He said he has reports of that similar objects landed in various parts of North America in the last year, “but governments have clamped veils of secrecy about their investigations.”

source and references:

The 1967 Shag Harbor UFO Crash
UFO An extraordinary event in 1967 would practically put the small fishing village of Shag Harbor on the map. Located at the southern tip of Nova Scotia, this rural community would be host to one of the best documented UFO events of the past 40 years.

Named after the "shag," a bird of the cormorant family, the harbor was literally left off most maps of the time, but that would be changed once and for all.

The tiny fishing community has always had its stories... stories of giant sea serpents, man-eating squid, and ghost ships. The list of local color would see one more addition to its list: a story of a visit of a mysterious flying craft of unknown origin. This craft would visit the waters of Shag Harbor, permanently stamping the village's name in the public eye.

The first indication of this mysterious occurrence would come from local residents who noticed strange orange lights in the sky on the night of October 4, 1967. Most witnesses agreed that there were four orange lights that evening. Five teenagers watched these lights flash in sequence, and then suddenly dive in a 45 degree angle toward the water's surface. The witnesses were surprised that the lights did not dive into the water, but seemed to float on the water, approximately one-half mile from the shore.

Witnesses at first thought they were watching a tragic airplane crash, and quickly reported as much to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which was located at Barrington Passage. Coincidently, RCMP Constable Ron Pound had already witnessed the strange lights himself as he drove down Highway 3 in route to Shag Harbor. Pound felt that he was seeing 4 lights, all attached to one flying craft. He estimated the craft to be about 60 feet long.

Constable Pound made his way to the shore to get a closer look at the phenomenal sight. He was accompanied by Police Corporal Victor Werbieki, Contable Ron O'Brien, and other local residents. Pound clearly saw a yellow light slowly moving on the water, leaving a yellowish foam in its wake. All eyes were glued on the light, as it slowly either moved too distant to be seen, or dipped into the icy waters.

Coast Guard Cutter #101 and other local boats rushed to the spot of the sighting, but by the time they arrived, the light itself was gone. However, the crewmen could still see the yellow foam, indicating that something had possibly submerged. Nothing else could be found that night, and the search was called off at 3:00 AM.

The RCMP ran a traffic check with the Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifac, and NORAD radar at Baccaro, Nova Scotia. They were told that there were no missing aircraft reported that evening, either civilian, or military.

Shag Harbor MapThe following day, the Rescue Coordination Center filed a report with Canadian Forces Headquarters in Ottawa. This report stated that something had hit the water in Shag Harbor, but the object was of "unknown origin."

The HMCS Granby was ordered to the location, where divers searched the bottom of the ocean for several days, but without positive results.

Soon, the story of the mysterious crash at Shag Harbor died as quickly as it had begun. That is, until 1993. As the original story faded from papers and newscasts, several theories were put forward. One explanation was that a Russian spacecraft had crashed, which would explain the presence of a Russian submarine in the area. There was also the rumor of American involvement in the follow-up investigation, but there was no official statement from the United States.

The Shag Harbor incident would have new life breathed into it through the efforts of MUFON investigator Chris Styles. The case intrigued him so much that he decided to search for more details. Styles found the names of many of the original witnesses through newspaper clippings, and was able to interview many of them.

Styles was assisted by MUFON investigator Doug Ledger. These two men would uncover some extremely compelling evidence through their interviews. They discovered that when the divers of the Granby finished their work, the case was not over, after all.

The divers, along with other witnesses related these events: The object that dove into the waters of the harbor had soon left the Shag area, traveling underwater for about 25 miles to a place called Government Point, which was near a submarine detection base. The object was spotted on sonar there, and Naval vessels were positioned over it. After a couple of days, the military was planning a salvage operation, when a second UFO joined the first. Common belief at the time was that the second craft had arrived to render aid to the first.

At this time, the Navy decided to wait and watch. After about a week of monitoring the two UFOs, some of the vessels were called to investigate a Russian submarine which had entered Canadian waters. At this point, the two underwater craft made their move. They made their way to the Gulf of Maine, and putting distance between themselves and the chasing Navy boats, they broke the surface, and shot away into the skies.

These extraordinary events were corroborated by many witnesses, both civilian and military. Unfortunately, the reports were given "off the record." Ex-military personnel feared the loss of their pensions, and civilian witnesses feared ridicule, and their privacy being invaded. The unusual events of Shag Harbor command an important place in the study of UFOs. There is little doubt that something "unknown" crashed into the waters of Shag Harbor on October 4, 1967.

written by: B J Booth

   1948, The Aztec UFO Crash

In 1950, controversial author Frank Scully released the book, "Behind the Flying Saucers." This effort, written during the beginnings of UFO awareness in the United States, was considered to contain fabricated, or sensationalized accounts of four UFO crashes.

One of the accounts covered an alleged crash at Aztec, New Mexico in 1948, only a brief period of time after the famous Roswell incident.

Scully's information came largely from a mysterious Dr. Gee. Depending on which commentary you read, the identity of this physician is attributed to either a real doctor, or a fictitious person who was composed of elements of several different witnesses.

Scully described the Aztec crash as that of a craft which was measured at exactly 99.99 feet in diameter, covered by a material which resembled a light weight, shiny metal that possessed incredible strength and durability.

It seems that nothing on this earth could penetrate or damage the hull of this craft from another world.

Scully Book


The disc shaped craft had large metallic rings revolving around a central core, which was supposedly the control bridge of the object. The hull of the craft contained no apparent seams, rivets, or any hint of the material being pieced together.

As the story goes, the investigating team gained access to its interior by the use of a long pole which they pushed through a porthole in the saucer.

A knob was engaged which opened a previously hidden door. Once inside, the team found 16 small humanoid beings, all dead, their bodies charred from fire.

The aliens height was reported as 36-42 inches. The exterior of the craft was not damaged. The inside showed that the craft was put together with a framework of grooves and pins.

The craft and the alien bodies were allegedly sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Other supporting evidence of the Aztec crash was said to have surfaced in 1987 from one William Steinman, but his sources were never verified.

Steinman asserted that the crash occurred on March 25, 1948, and was verified by three different radar stations.

Steinman's account listed 14 dead aliens instead of 16. Until supporting evidence of Scully's or Steinman's account can be obtained, the Aztec crash story remains an unsolved mystery.

(B J Booth)


1971-Abductee Involved in UFO Crash near Edwards AFB
UFO Perhaps because I was personally involved, I feel the importance of having my experience logged in the UFO Casebook site. Please consider. Thank you.


Originally Compiled by Albert Rosales

After 1970 went out with a whimper, 1971 began in much the same manner, but a trend was beginning to form. High strangeness reports were becoming more and more commonplace, memories of 1966-1968 came alive.

Something was coming down the pipe; something incredible was going to happen. A change was in the air, 1973 was just around the corner, and the world would never be the same.

Location. North of Edwards AFB, California

Date: Summer 1971

Time: unknown

A small mushroom-shaped craft crashed close to Edwards AFB. It was dull gray (gun-metal) in color with greenish lights, about 3-3, 5 m in diameter and 1.5-2m in height. 3 gray humanoids, including one that was still alive and a human female abductee (Lorraine Dvorak Cordini) were found onboard.

The craft, bodies and survivors were moved to Edwards AFB. The witness Debbie Clayton reported that she heard a loud roaring sound and then a loud crash. Outside she could see a cloud of dust several blocks away. She walked over to the crash site and while other civilians were studying the craft, the military arrived, weapons drawn.

One of the civilians had been taken photographs and an Air Force officer ripped the camera from his hands and smashed it but didn't try to remove the film. The craft had no markings but seemed to be scratched.

There were no windows or seams, and it appeared to be molded in one piece. The texture was smooth. The military told the witnesses to leave or be arrested. The military then covered the craft with a large canvas and lifted it with cables attached to the canvas.

Once it was loaded, the military left and there was no mention of the incident in the newspapers. The cause of the crash was later established to have been a technical malfunction.

Lorraine Dvorak Cordini later was able to remember (despite the fact that the military attempted to erase her memory with the use of drugs, hypnosis, etc) that she had been traveling onboard the UFO from a mothership in space. She was dressed in a tight-fitting pink body suit. Three extraterrestrial crewmen were returning her to Earth in a small pod-like craft.

Lorraine soon found herself standing amid the wreckage. One dead alien was far to her left, barely visible from where she stood, another dead alien was about 20 feet in front of her. A military person was apparently kicking the alien's dead body. The third alien crewmember was alive and standing about 20 feet from her, dazed, confused and disoriented. She too felt this way.

Suddenly she felt a jerk as a military person grabbed her arms, brought them around her back and handcuffed her. As they were hauling her off she received an image in her mind of the "captain" onboard the mothership. It was a tall, 6' humanoid in a long white gown, short brown hair, female, which was communicating to Lorraine how sorry she was for not being able to help her and the other aliens, for if they did they would be detected.

Her sorrow was apparent. Other aliens were around her and the same feelings of helplessness and frustration were felt. The other aliens resembled small gray humanoids (similar to the ones seen in the movie "Close Encounters"). Lorraine was then thrown into the backseat of a black limousine. Her next memory was what surfaced in the hypnosis session.

Lorraine was lying on a cold metal table in a hangar. Three military persons stood to the left of the table. One may have been an officer because he had a different cap than the fatigue uniforms of the other two persons. Another uniformed military man was at Lorraine's head and to the right and to his left was an alien whom Lorraine described as having a pumpkin-shaped head.

He had appeared in a childhood experience that previously surfaced during the same hypnosis session. In the childhood experience he was in a spacesuit... Lorraine's child's mind saw him dangling outside the window in a deep sea diver's suit. This alien was about 4 ft tall, his body bulbous and brown.

His head bulbous and pumpkin like. Lorraine "heard" the alien thinking how great he felt about himself and how proud he was to be in the service of the earth military men... he had a smug attitude and the military man next to him showed contempt towards the alien.

She was very confused and disoriented. Her next memory was of being yanked off the table and being dragged outside the hangar. There she saw many flashing red lights and screamed, "My God, that isn't a space ship that is the police, my God it is the police." The military men then sat her on a bus and she ended up in San Francisco stranded and lost.

HC addendum

Source: Anton Anfalov, CSETI

Type: H & G?

High Strangeness Index: 9

Reliability of Source: 10

(Scale of 1-10)Type G: When there is direct contact or interaction between a witness or witnesses with the human or entity, either against as a result of a forced abduction or a voluntary contact.Type H: When there is a report of an alleged crash or force landing of a UFO with recovery of its occupants. Or when an anomalous entity is captured or killed by either a witness or military personnel.

-lori cordini, Boone, NC

"I have walked among the stars, I have talked with the angels and sang their songs."

Submitted to the UFO Casebook by Lori Cordini

UFO Crash: Llandrillo, Wales, UK, (Berwyn Mts.) 1974
UFO On the 23rd of January, 1974, an extraordinary event took place in Llandrillo, North Wales, United Kingdom.

On a winter's night, a great terrible noise was heard by many of the village, and the first thing that came to mind was that there had been an explosion of some type.

As some of the villagers went outside to see what had occurred, they were amazed by the scene of blue and orange lights near the mountain of Cader Bronwen.

From witness statements, and the next day's press, came this explanation, "There was a huge explosion a few minutes after 8:30 PM. From various accounts, this preceded, some say by up to two or three minutes, a violent shaking of the ground, like a medium-sized earthquake - objects inside houses were knocked off shelves."

In a very similar scenario to the Kecksburg crash, authorities rushed to the scene; police first, followed by Royal Air Force personnel. Immediately, the area around the crash was cordoned off with nobody allowed to enter.

This operation seemed like overkill; the area being so remote, and uninhabited. This search and rescue lasted for several days in the Berwyn Mountains.

One witness, who was working at a hotel in Bala, stated that a group of men had arrived at the hotel, and stayed several days. They were involved in the operations at the crash site, but refused to answer any questions about the activities there.

One of the most compelling accounts of the events in Wales came from a lady who was a nurse living at Llanderfel.

UFO She was asked by local police to assist in a plane crash near her house. Gathering her things together, and not having any one to watch her teenage daughters, she took them with her to the location given by the police.

She was driving on B4391, which goes from Bala to Llangynog. The road was nearly deserted, being at 10:00 PM on a cold, wintry night. As she proceeded up into the mountains, she was astonished at what she saw next...

There was an object "quite intact" which was large, circular, and glowing an orange color. Her and her two daughters were within a few hundred feet of it. She could not be mistaken at what she saw, a UFO.

She could also see police and military personnel, which were much closer to the UFO. They instructed her to leave the area, even after she explained why she was there.

Afraid for her and her daughters' safety, she left without argument. Authorities escorted her from the site.

The roads around the site of the unusual object stayed closed for a number of days afterwards. The nurse talked to some of the local shepherds who complained that they were not even allowed to tend their flocks.

She and others were convinced of a military and governmental cover up of what really happened on January 23, 1974 near the Berwyn Mountains.

Was the explosion a mechanical failure of the orange glowing craft, or did another UFO crash? We may never know for certain.

(B J Booth)

Alleged UFO Crash in Russia 1989


At approximately 11:00 AM on August 10, 1989 near the city of Prohladnyi, Russia, Soviet military radar units detected an unidentified flying object. After attempts to communicate went unanswered, the object was noted as "hostile."

Defense systems were put on alert, with utilization of surface to air missiles, and the deployment of Mig-25s. Blasting out of Rostov and Krymsk, the Migs were ordered to intercept and identify the unknown object.

The UFO was on a north heading, like foreign missiles or planes would be, and the order was given to arm and use weapons. A ground to air missile hit the UFO, causing it to ditch over the Caucasian Mountains.

A retrieval team on board an M1-8 helicopter was sent, and the disc-shaped object was located outside of Nizhnizy Chegem, and the area around the crash site was soon cordoned off. The object was 6.9 meters long and 3.0 meters high, shaped like a cockleshell, according to witnesses.

A long rut in the earth could be seen leading to the craft, which had smashed into an area of rocks. The damage from the missile was obvious, causing the object to lose its original shape. A team with special protective equipment moved into the scene. Dosimeters detected radiation, and precautionary measures were immediately taken, but not before some team members had been exposed.

The object was delivered by helicopter to Mozdok Air Base, where nuclear weapons and long range bombers were housed. A special investigative team was assembled, and sent to the base to begin an investigation into the mysteries of the unknown flying object. This team consisted of military and civilian personnel. The KGB began a cover-up operation.

The craft research team gained entry into the craft via a partially opened door. The team was in full protective gear as they began their investigation of the inside of the craft. As one would expect, control panels and equipment was visible, but more importantly three alien creatures, two dead were found. The two dead aliens had apparently been killed by falling equipment, but the third managed to save itself, but was suffering from several wounds.

A medical team attempted to keep the alien alive, but their efforts failed. He and his two companions were about 1.0-1.2 meters tall, with whitish gray skin that appeared to be outer cover. The real skin beneath this cover was a blue-green color with a reptilian texture. The other worldly beings also had hairless heads, large black eyes, almost round, which were covered by a protective lid. Three web fingers were at the end of their long, slender arms.

The three dead aliens were preserved in glass containers in a top-secret underground facility. This secret location is allegedly hidden among the multitude of trees near the research center east of Solnechnogorsk. The damaged disc was taken to the Kapustin Yar range and placed under ground west of Ahryomkin.

All of the information included here originated from three Russian investigators; Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov. They claim that the disc is still housed near Kapustin Yar.

source and references:

written by B J Booth, based on information from Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov.


1989-The Battle of the Flying Saucers
Depiction of Event
Well known Russian UFO investigator Nikolay Subbotin relates an amazing story of a battle of flying saucers. This incident allegedly took place in the skies of Zaostrovka, in Russia in 1989. On September 16, six circular, silver, flying saucers ganged up and fought a seventh, golden saucer, in full view of the residents of the town and surrounding areas.

Hundreds of witnesses watched the gang of six chase the golden saucer out of a cloud bank.

All of the saucers made unbelievable maneuvers during this dog fight, and at times, the UFOs flew as low as 5,000 feet. The weapon of choice was a strong beam of light or energy fired at and from the escaping golden UFO.

According to the RUFORS Internet newsletter, an account of this event was published in the local newspaper, "Semipalatinsk." According to this report, written by a Russian helicopter commander in the Afghan war, the energy emitted during this battle shut down the local power grid in Zaostrovka, plunging the city into total darkness for a time.

The author, named Sichenko, interviewed witnesses of the event, publishing many of their fantastic accounts of the events that day.

The witnesses claimed that the outnumbered golden UFO finally was defeated, losing altitude due to the continued hits by the energy beams. The failing saucer at first seemed to be attempting to make a controlled landing, but eventually it lost control, disappearing from view behind a house as it plunged to the ground. The six assaulting saucers soon disappeared from view, heading into the clouds.

Subbotin discovered that the lost saucer had crashed into a bog on a military test range. This area was "off limits" to the general public. It would be about a year before he and accompanying researchers could reach the site of the crash, but by that time, the area was clean, free of any trace of a crashed vehicle.

Subbotin would learn that a military team had descended on the boggy area, and conducted a full search and rescue operation. There were reported injuries during this operation. Russian Ufologist Emil Bachurin was able to see medical files which confirmed details of injuries to military personnel involved in the mission.

It would be reported that several members of the search and rescue team had leaked information about the operation, but their breach of confidence was discovered, and security was made even tighter.

Also, an airplane attempting to fly over the area and gather details about the crash had to abort its mission because of instrument malfunction.

Eventually, all activities at the military range were shut down, and the base put under heavy guard. This case is very similar to another Russian case, the Shaitan Mazar Crash, which also involved Subbotin and Bachurin.

If the event of 1989 is true, there is a downed flying saucer in the possession of the Russian military, or possibly being guarded by the military in its own icy grave in the city of Zaostrovka.

B J Booth

source and references:

Nikolay Subbotin

Emil Bachurin

Semipalatinsk newspaper

Publication, "Unsolved UFO Mysteries" ISBN 0-446-60901-3

written by William J. Birnes, and Harold Burt

1996-UFO Crash over Israel
If the evidence of this particular UFO crash case holds as legitimate, it is truly an important and unique report. One Spasso Maximovitch saw an object in the sky that he could not put a tag on. This sighting took place in Rosh Haayin in Israel on September 28, 1995. Spasso used his video camera to capture a silver, glowing object. The object morphed into several objects as he watched, covering a large area of the skies.

After this incident, Maximovitch would become an avid sky watcher. His patience would bring him one more classic experience on June 24, 1996.

He saw an object very similar to his sighting the year before. He began to film the unknown object. Soon, another object appeared west of the first unknown, heading straight at it. Within a matter of seconds, it smashed into the first object, which caused an explosion.

Maximovitch turned his film over to journalist David Ronen, who wrote a column in a weekly UFO magazine. Eventually a copy of the recording went to Barry Chamish, who is largely responsible for the facts of this case being known. Ronen's work for the Maariv newspaper has caused copyright problems, and kept him from obtaining many of his films and files.

Two of Maximovitch's tapes were sent to Union Skyline Pictures in London for examination. The films were to be, hopefully, included in UFO documentaries. Chamish has concluded that the mid-air collision film would be an invaluable aid in proving the existence of UFOs to the general public. Unfortunately, the last known whereabouts of Maximovitch are a mystery, and he could not be located to get permission to use his film before the productions.

Well respected photo and video analyst Jeff Sainio obtained a copy of the explosion film, and his complete technical conclusions are found there to all who are interested. In a word, he sees the film as legitimate. I will include the heart of his report here.

"When the 2 objects apparently collide and explode, the apparent size of the light expands by a factor of roughly 2.5; this does not appear to be due to overexposure, but is the real size of the object. The last 2 frames of the video are NOT overexposed, but diffuse; since overexposure is not involved, this indicates he actual size of the explosion is shown. The real increase in size of the bright area is certainly much larger than 2.5.

In the video the explosion moves downward; this is probably due to camera motion of the startled videographer; the reference tower is too smeared to verify this conclusion.The explosion is not due to any conventional method I am familiar with; conventional, large explosions require much more than 1/4 second to disappear, and usually generate flaming debris that falls from the explosion.

Neither characteristic is seen here. The acceleration, light size, and explosion are not explainable in any convention way that I know of, and this case remains unidentified."

With the testimony of Maximovitch alone, we have a case file with one witness, but the video acts as a second witness, creating an indelible account of what happened in the Israeli skies in 1996. The expert conclusions of analyst Jeff Sainio make this an extremely important and believable case of a UFO crash.

source and references:

Barry Chamish

Jeff Sainio,


The Roswell Case

The famous newspaper story (left) and the Roswell base in 1947 (right).

At 9:45 PM on July 2, 1947, residents in Roswell, New Mexico, observed a "big glowing object,"

race out of the Southeast and head northwest. Witnesses described it as oval shaped "like two inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth." The a few days later, on July 8th, the Army Air Base (the Army and Air Force were still a single service in 1947), located just outside the city of Roswell, issued the following press release:

Roswell Army Air Base, Roswell, N.M. 8th July, 1947, A.M. - The many, many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence office of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disc through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff's office of Chaves County. The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. Not having phone facilities, the rancher stored the disc until such time as he was able to contact the sheriff's office, who in turn, notified Major Jesse A. Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group Intelligence Office. Action was immediately taken and the disc was picked up at the rancher's home. It was inspected at the Roswell Army Air Field and subsequently loaned by Major Marcel to higher headquarters.

This statement, released by the base's public relations officer Walter G. Haut, was picked up by wire services and appeared in newspapers across the United States and around the world. Within twenty-four hours, though, General Roger M. Ramey, commander of the Eight Air Force District, announced that the earlier report had been in error and the crashed flying saucer was only a spent weather balloon. "There's no such gadget [as a flying saucer] known to the Army," he stated, "at least not at this level." Ramsey went on to say, "The whole affair has been most unfortunate, but in light of the excitement that has been stirred up lately by these so-called flying discs, it is not surprising."

Despite this announcement rumors the Army had captured a flying saucer and hid it in a hanger at the Wright-Patterson AFB has continued ever since. Reports that debris was composed of "nothing made on this earth" and covered with hieroglyphic-like writing still circulate. Stories abound that the bodies of a dozen or so aliens were found in the wreckage. After 50 years these reports have not been confirmed and the Air Force still denies that the incident was anything, but a case of mistaken identity. Still, rumors about the Roswell incident continue to be repeated, perhaps fueled by the Army's strange inability to differentiate a standard piece of meteorological equipment (a weather balloon, weighing about two pounds and composed of tin foil and balsa wood) from a flying saucer.

The truth may be something more than a weather balloon and less than a flying saucer. Two researchers, Robert G. Todd and Karl T. Pflock, have independently theorized that the debris found at the Mac Brazel ranch was an experimental flight from a secret project named "Mogul." The Mogul Project was to develop balloons to be used to monitor Soviet nuclear detonations via low frequency acoustic microphones. Test flights for Mogul were made through early 1947 . One flight, flight #4, was launched on June 4th. Its last reported position was only 17 miles from were the Roswell wreckage was found.

Because flight #4 was not a simple weather balloon, but a train of balloons and radar targets that measured hundreds of feet in length, it might not be easily identified. This would explain the finder's initial confusion about it. Also Flight #4 carried tape covered with strange symbols that might be the hieroglyphics reported by some witnesses.

Proponents of the saucer crash theory argue that 10-inch deep furrows, five hundred feet in length, found at the site could not have been made by the light-weight balloon train. Others point to witnesses who claim alien bodies were found a the Roswell crash (The Air Force has hinted that some of these so-called bodies may have been dummies used in parachute experiments). So the controversy continues.

In the summer of 1995 an additional chapter was added to Roswell when a film, supposedly showing the autopsy of the Roswell alien bodies, appeared. Skeptics called the film an elaborate hoax. Officials from Kodak, who were asked to examine the leader of the film, have confirmed that it was manufactured in the right time period, but were unable to examine and date the autopsy footage itself.

The Alien Autopsy Film : Have we seen this before?

For almost fifty years stories have persisted that a flying saucer, piloted by extra-terrestrial beings, crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Military reports at first confirmed, then denied this story, causing suspicions to be raised that more than a simple weather balloon, as claimed, had come down at a remote ranch in New Mexico.

Then in 1995 a businessman from England, Ray Santilli, announced to the world that while researching old film material for a music production, he had obtained military footage of an autopsy performed on one of the alien beings that had died in the crash at Roswell.

The film was incorporated into several documentaries broadcast on TV and sold on video. The footage, in grainy black and white, shows what appears to be two gloved and masked doctors doing an autopsy on an alien creature. The creature is similar in form to a human, but with six fingers and other minor anatomical differences. A third person can be seen observing the autopsy from behind a window. The entire procedure is not on film, reportedly because not all the reels filmed during the autopsy were obtained by Santilli.

According to Santilli he was looking for old film of an Elvis concert when he came in contact with a cameraman who had served in the United States military. The cameraman, who wished to remain anonymous, told Santilli that he had been stationed in Washington D.C. in 1947 when suddenly he was ordered to fly to Roswell, New Mexico. While at Roswell he filmed the clean-up of the crashed saucer and later recorded the autopsies of several aliens. Due to an administrative oversite, not all of the autopsy film was collected from him. He had kept a few reels secret for almost fifty years and offered to sell these to Santilli for $100,000.

After some negotiation Santilli, and another businessman, purchased the film and made it public. So is the film the exposure of a grand cover up and conspiracy? Or a clever (and financially successful) hoax?

Skeptics of the film point out a long list of errors and inconsistencies with the footage, though many acknowledge it was a well-done hoax that was probably carried out by creating a dummy alien body. One Hollywood special effects man admitted, "The point is, if we did this, I'd be pretty proud of it."

One of their complaints include the way the body lies on the table. Not like a body at rest on its back, but more like a body standing in an upright position. Some special effect people argue this is evidence that the body was cast from a real human being, then altered to add extra fingers, etc. The easiest way to accomplish a casting is while the subject is standing up.

Medical authorities argue that the autopsy itself was sloppily done. There was no systematic, careful study of the subject, but a "hack and slash." They point out that an alien would not be subject to an autopsy, anyway, but given the rare and unprecedented opportunity of studying the alien, a careful dissection and microscopic study, that might have taken weeks, would have been done.

Finally, some of the best evidence against the film is the film itself. According to Santilli the cameraman was with the military. Military cameramen are trained to carefully record events, like autopsies, in a prescribed way. Standard procedure for an important autopsy would include two cameras. One mounted above the table looking down, and one on a stationary, raised tripod in a location where there would be a clear view of the proceedings. The cameraman's style (shifting positions, getting his view blocked, climbing around and over the medical workers) would have gotten him, according to one former military officer, "back scrubbing pots in the kitchen."

It appears that the cameraman may have been purposely obscuring the proceedings to hide defects in the hoax. Experts also indicate that for such an important event as this color, not black and white, film would have been used. Also a "still" photographer would work hand-in-hand with the motion photographer to record every step of the procedure. There is no record in the film of another photographer in the room, nor the tell-tale light from his flash bulbs.

The film itself also lacks the "flash" that usually appears at the beginning of each segment. All spring-wound cameras of that time start up slowly and overexpose the first few frames after the trigger is pressed. This indicates either a more sophisticated motor driven camera was used instead of what was claimed, or the film has been edited.

It also seems incredible that a top-secret film like this would not have been collected from the photographer immediately after it had been shot. Cameramen given top-secret assignments in the military were not allowed to develop their own film.

So is there any evidence that the footage isn't a fake? Well, there is actually film from two alien autopsies in Santilli's hands. One taking place in a tent, and the other, more familiar one, taking place in an operating room of some sort. If each sequence costs around $100,000 to make, as some Hollywood special effects people believe, why bother to do it twice?

If it turns out that the alien autopsy film is a hoax, it bears a strange resemblance to the story of the Minnesota Iceman. The Minnesota Iceman, supposedly a "missing link" frozen in ice, was being shown at carnivals around the country in the 60's.

When two cryptozoogists took the creature seriously, the owner of the beast, Frank Hansen, at first welcomed the exposure. As pressure mounted, though, he refused to permit any more close inspections claiming the thing actually belonged to a rich collector who had decided against allowing further investigations. Amazingly this is exactly what Santilli has said to people wishing to examine the original film stock.

Eventually a Hollywood special effects company admitted they had made the iceman. Will someone claim authorship for the autopsy alien? Even if someone does it still may not settle the matter. Hansen claimed that the special effects iceman was just a copy of the real creature that he'd secreted away in a safe location. And some are claiming even now that the alien autopsy film is actually a government cover up for the real alien autopsy film.


South Africa Eyewitnesses Saw Unknown Object Crashing into the Sea
UFO By Albert Rosales

02-18-08-Port Shepstone rescuers are monitoring a mysterious situation in which "numerous" eye-witnesses reported an unidentified object crashing into the sea on 20 May 2006 around Cape Town, during the afternoon, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) in South Africa had reported.

Eddie Noyons, NSRI Shelley Beach Station Commander, said eye- witnesses reported that an unidentified object, possibly an aircraft, had crashed into the sea behind the breaker line off-shore of the Port Shepstone High School. Police, rescue craft and a fixed wing aircraft were alerted to the scene to investigate.

"Following a full scale search of the area covering 12 square nautical miles nothing has been found."

"There are no reports of activity in the area that may be related to this incident and there are no aircraft reported to be overdue or missing," said Noyons.

He said numerous eye witnesses---including teachers and pupils attending a sports event at the high school and other by-standers including local fishermen---were convinced they had seen an aircraft go into the water, including seeing smoke and water exploding. Interviews with the witnesses revealed that some also reported seeing flames.

"Some reported seeing something, an unidentified object, splash into the sea causing a ripple effect of waves," Noyons said.

Due to the number of eye-witnesses with similar reports, it was presumed that weather activity in the area at the time might have given the impression of something falling into the sea.

"We will continue to monitor the situation which remains a mystery," he had said.

source and references:

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