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1 The Revelation
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The government wants to implant a tracking device into you.
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3 Myth & Mystery: Myths, mysteries & earth's ancient history
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All the world's myths, mysteries & Earth's ancient history. UFOs, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Lost Civilizations, ghosts, conspiracy theories
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4 Alien and UFO Pictures

A collection of real alien pictures and real UFO photos collected from around the world.
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5 World Of The Strange Newsletter
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FREE online newsletter on all aspects of the Paranormal. All Articles, Stories and Commentaries WELCOMED! Join Our 'very active'Discussion Group!
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6 Best Ghost Sites Paranormal Topsites
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A new topsite list for ghost, paranormal, UFO, or Halloween sites
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7 OVNI007.COM - Saint Thomas c'est fini !
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"Extraterrestrials" are on Earth - The Secret is Finished !
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   World Top Secret: 
Our Earth IS Hollow!

Located at

87.7 degrees North and South Latitude

are Polar Openings
that lead into the hollow interior of our planet where the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel today dwell
in perfect harmony, with life spans equal to those of the Methuselahs of the Bible,
whose only desire is to live in peace.  Their flying saucers in defense of their
country at times are seen on our surface world.  They don't come to destroy, they are waiting...

Waiting for us to discover
that world peace is the only answer, not without God, but WITH Him.

We Must Prepare for Their Return...

See the evidence, look at the possibilities, consider those who have gone there, and you will discover truths that
have been hidden from the foundation of the world...

UFOs & Aliens

Abductee  General UFO news; not abductee specific.
Alien Love Bite  "Alien interference in human relationships."
Alien-UFOs  Abductions, Roswell, conspiracies, Area 51, crop circles.  Nice site.
Aliens the Truth  Much info that covers the gamut, and nice graphics.
Area 51 Photos  What it sounds like.
Area 51 Zone  With info on the new Area 19.
Aurora  Specs for top secret USAF plane, some say was built with alien technology.
Billy Meier  "Official" website of one of UFO's frequent flyers.
Bob Lazar  "Theoretical Physics Archive."  Area 51, Skunkworks, Groom Lake, etc.
Coast to Coast  Formerly "Art Bell."  UFOs, ghosts, vampires, conspiracies, everything.
Crowded Skies  From the "London UFO Studies".  Roy Lake.
David Sereda  UFO & environmental blog, and a good one.
Disclosure Project  Seeking to disclose govt coverups of UFOs.
Dreamland Resort  Area 51 watchdog.
Echoes of Enoch  Christian counseling for UFO abductees.  Hollow earth, ghosts, grays.
Exopolitics  "Political Implications of the ET Presence."
Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee  Wants disclosure of govt UFO files.
Federal Extraterrestrial Exposure Law  Text to US Federal Code: Title 14, Section 1211.
International UFO Museum & Research Center  Located in Roswell.
I Was Abducted  UFO news & forums.
Legendary Times  Erich von Däniken's official ancient astronaut site.
Majestic Documents  Government documents that prove "we are not alone!"
Martian Archeology  Cydonia, Face On Mars, ancient Martian civilizations, etc.
Moon Base Clavius  Claims the Apollo moon landing was not a hoax.
MUFON  Mutual UFO network.  Umbrella organization of UFO groups.
MUFON of Los Angeles
Mystic Gray Buddha Store  T-shirts, mugs, jerseys, etc, from the Weekly Universe.
National UFO Reporting Center  Report your sightings here!
Planet X Video  Roving planet that seeded Earth, created the Ice Age, etc.
Raelian Revolution, The  Official site of alien clone cult, English portal. Brigitte Boisselier.
Reptilian Agenda  Some aliens are green.  David Icke.
Roswell Files  Your first stop on what happened at Roswell.
Truth Seeker at Roswell  Ufology, Area 51, pyramids, by Roswell resident Dennis Balthaser.
UFO Casebook  UFO sightings, reports, etc.
UFO Encounters  British UFO news site.
UFO Magazine  UFOs.
UFO Seek  UFO/paranormal search engine.
UFOs Today  Impressive UFO news site.
Unknown Country  Official site of Whitley Strieber.
X Facts  UFOs, face on Mars, Planet X, etc.
Zeta Talk  Nancy channels the alien Zeta folk.  Planet X info.










Above Top Secret  Majestic 12, alien autopsy, CIA remote viewing, Area 51, more.
Bilderberg  A conspiracist favorite.  Site seems to be run by "Jews for Jesus" types.
Black Vault, The  FOIA documents.  CIA, JFK, UFOs, etc.
Clinton Body Count  Clinton's long trail of dead bodies.
Conspiracy Archive  Emphasis on Illuminati, New Age, politics, religion.
Conspiracy Planet  Anti-Bush, anti-NWO, black helicopters, etc.
Council on Foreign Relations  Many say they control the world!  As seen on The X-Files!
Crank  Conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, weird science, extreme politics, cults, paranoia.
Disinformation  Conspiracies, aliens, weirdness.  See and judge for yourself.
Freemasonry Watch  Monitoring Freemasons.
Hidden Mysteries  Illuminati, UFOs, hollow earth, "suppressed books," more.
Human Underground  UFOs, Majestic, 9/11, Red China, more.
Jeff Rense  Art Bell clone.  Conspiracies, UFOs, chemtrails, alternative health ...
John Lennon Murder  Claims that Nixon, Reagan, and Stephen King murdered Lennon!
Lobster  "The Journal of Parapolitics"  (a British journal about conspiracies).
Paranoia Magazine Conspiracies of every kind: Area 51, Illuminati, etc.
Prison Planet  World government, anti-Bush, "occult elite."
Save the Males  Freemasonry, British aristocracy, Zionism, Communism, feminism vs. men [sic!]
Securitate  Espionage and intelligence news & parody.  For cloak & dagger buffs.
Tetrahedron  Bioweapons, AIDS, eboli, SARS, small pox.  Dr. Leonard Horowitz.
Trilateral Commission, The  Seems to be their official website.
Wayne Madsen Report  Much about Clinton, Bush and the New World Order.
What Really Happened  Emphasis on 9/11 and World Government.


Weird Science

Academy of Remote Viewing & Remote Influence  Now YOU can be a remote viewer!
Alchemy Website, The  Now you can turn lead into gold!
American Society of Dowsers  Founded 1961.  Chapters throughout U.S.
Atlantis Rising  "Ancient Mysteries.  Future Science.  Unexplained Anomalies."
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal .Sceptics.
Daily Grail  UFOs, hidden archeology, weird science, supernatural, conspiracy, etc.
Earth Files  Linda Moulton Howe.  Crop circles, cattle mutilations, ghosts.
Evolution Fraud  Exposing the shocking lies of evolutionists.
Evolution Speculation  Examines alien DNA in human evolution.
Forbidden Archeology  Michael Cremo's site.  As heard on the Art Bell Show.
Fortean Times  UFOs, paranormal, crop circles, occult, ghosts, monsters, etc.
Grand Illusions  Amazing magic tricks & startling weird science experiments.
Mad Science Network  Scientists answer your questions -- plus "oddities."
Museum of Unworkable Devices  Perpetual motion machine, and other failed inventions.
Our Hollow Earth  Expeditions into the hollow earth.
Oxford Centre for Quantum Computation  Quantum computers and multiple.universes.
Roswell Rods  The mysterious transdimensional beings that
Science Frontiers  The Unusual & Unexplained.
Weird Research, Anomalous Physics  Weird science links & experiments.


Ufo and Alien links & websites

Here are a few of the good UFO websites on the net. We are constantly updating this list, so please keep coming back!

If you have or know of a site that should be on the list then email, us and after we have reviewed it we will add it to the list as part of our partner links program, Links back to Crowdedskies are appreciated in return - full graphics and link text available here!


ABDUCT.COM - Research centre in to the alien abduction experiences.

AREA X, the fastest growing conspiracy community on the internet.

ALIENS THE TRUTH - A very interesting website with a nice look and feel, and lots of video and picture content. wll worth a look!

ALIEN ASTRONOMER - An web site with a breakdown of subjects, & lots of downloads, info, & documents.

ALIEN HEAD GRAPHICS - " alien and ufo desktop wallpaper, clip art and fonts produced by a truly imaginative force on a creative mission."

ALIEN UFOS .COM - This website is devoted to the study of the existence UFOs (UFOlogy) and extraterrestrial life as well as any contact they have had with the US government and military.

BUFORA The British UFO research Association, do I need to say any more!

BUFOD Space, Above and Beyond A good website with lots of info & Links. With books, UFO DVD's, Chat, cartoons, and lots more.

CAUS Website (Citisens againgst UFO secrecy),
join the FOIA battle to release UFO information. Great content & and great email mailing list with all the latest information.

CROPCIRCLE CONNECTOR , Is the One and only crop circle website you will need, tons of pictures and reports.

CSETI, The home of Dr Steven Greer. A good site well designed with a large amount of content.

CUFON, the Computer UFO Network, a free 24 hour service offering lots of UFO information.

DEBS UFO CLEARINGHOUSE This is a great site, full of interesting content, and voted in the top 5% of all websites on the net!

DREAMLAND DESIGNS This is a page by a ufo 7 alien researcher who is also an artist, with some great Ufo art!

EAST TO WEST UFO SOCIETY dedicated to exploring ufo activity across Scotland.

THE HULL UFO SOCIETY - If you live in or near Hull this should be the first point of contact for you, with local info and resources.

THE GALAXIES MOST WANTED... This site exposes Ufologies most infamous charletans.

IN SEARCH OF... Excellant resource site for UFO's and all unexplained phenomenon.

KORNI'S UFO SITE - Lots of links and interesting content!

ORTK, Operation Right to knows webpage is basic but work a look if only to help in the UFO info fight.

SKYNET, An excellant site for UFO video's, and photos.

COMMUNION HOMPAGE, This is the home of Author Whitley Strieber, a you can guess this deals with the Abduction scenario, worth a look.

ENTERPRISE MISSION, Richard Hoagland has been one of the most active researchers claiming NASA is covering up the UFO situation, and here is his packed site.

GLASGOW UFO research organization - seen a UFO in the north of the UK - report it here!

JANUS - Expanding the frontiers of sound & light - his ground breaking trilogy of CD's "Roswell","Flying Saucers" and "S.E.T.I.".

KITHRAS Krystal Kave. you can read a poem, and some text, that might be called my "Life Philosophy". Lots pf intersting links...

NOW Netwotk of the Earth - Interesting and up-to-date news of the ufo subject.

NEW PARADIGM BOOKS This has books and great links to all paranormal & ufo websites. Books for sale including one about The chinese Roswell!

THE GROOM LAKE DESERT RAT, A good resource site for info on AREA 51, they also have some great UFO goodies to buy.

PARASEEK.COM A great resource and platform to launch into all different resources along this rocky field of interest - RECOMMENDED

PARANORMAL MAGAZINE This website is for the new paranormal magazine from the makers of most haunted

PARANORMAL NEWS This website has link, news, downloads, and some great ufo / paranormal search engines.

REMOTEVIEWED.COM This website has in depth detial about remote viewing, remote viewing manuals, the key players and remote viewing links.








- A story of Prof. Reinaldo Rios -UFO Investigator & Abductee.

SCI-FI DESIGNS is a site showcasing the artwork and talent of Jason Chapman. Packed full of interesting ufo and alien artwork. Well worth a look!

SHADOWLANDS, A site with great content, and LOADS of links from around the web.

SPACE 2000 A good site with lots of content, UFO Books, games, videos, and gallery. Space 2000 also works in conjunction with other Ufo related sites.

We research into local sightings in the South Essex area of England. We have regular skywatches and meet monthly so the local people can find out the truth of what is going on in their area.

STARTKABEL.NL - Ufo and mystery information site.

THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD - GREAT new website with lots of info on all subjects

THE LOST HAVEN - Roy Hale's Ufo site with info, downloads, articles & links.

THE WHY FILES - full of info one lots of paranormal subjects - very nice content!

TEN THOUSAND ROADS - Remote Viewing - full of Remote viewing info and resources! If you want to see a ufo or alien - this may be the way!

UFODATA.CO.UK - A UK based site withlots of info, content, & videos...

UFOAREA - lots of info, content, books posters and much more!

UFOZONE - A great UFO resource site with some very good content

UFO BC (British Columbia) - A very nice looking site with great content radio / media files and much, much more!






This site from John Hayes has an extensive amount of ufo information and a huge lnks section. Well worth a visit


UFO RESOURCES, Links on every aspect of the UFO and Paranormal subjects.

UK UFO NETWORK, This site offers regular online UFO chat sessions with Guest. It has a files section and more! Well worth a look.

UFO NET, Great content.

UFOMIND, Probably one of the best UFO resources on the net. With hundreds of links and details on virtually every aspect of the phenomenon.

Ufo MuBi Interesting site with some great animated gifs of ufos for you to use!

VOYAGER 32 - An interesting website with lots of content, images & downloads!

WILSON'S ALMANAC - An great and extensive collection of the cream ofUFO websites!

WOLFDREAMS - A large range of UFO and paranormal books for sale!

Essensuals bath sponsors of crowdedskies - a local hair saolon in bath with award winning hair stylist.










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